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Starch Imprinters

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Hello all. I looking to get rid of these starch imprinters I made years ago when I got into confectionery. I dont deposit into starch beds anymore, but I thought they might be useful to someone who does, or wants to start. The shapes are pinwheels, small hearts (2 sets), flat disk, bottle, lips, demi sphere, large heart design, and pyramid with flat top. These imprinter were made using paint sticks from Home Depot. I cast plaster of paris into silicone and plastic candy molds.  If I recall correctly, I remember having difficulty getting clean cavities from the shapes that were cast from silicone molds. These are the  bottles, large hearts, pyramids, and demispheres. The shapes cast from the plastic candy molds always worked flawlessly, those are the pinwheels, small hearts, flat disk, and lips. The imprinter that has the flat disk has a set of small hearts on the opposite side. I also have extra plaster shapes that were never affixed to the stick. I'm not going to ask for a price, since these are very homemade items, but I just ask that you pay shipping, whatever that may be. Its difficult for me to tell since its kind of awkwardly shaped, perhaps whoever opts for these will have a good idea about how to pack it for mailing. Let me know if you have any questions!


edit - I forgot to add, the way the shapes are spaced out is to imprint a standard half sheet pan filled and leveled off with starch.

2018-04-08 18.04.42.jpg

2018-04-08 18.04.47.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.01.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.06.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.12.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.22.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.27.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.31.jpg

2018-04-08 18.05.34.jpg

2018-04-09 08.26.24.jpg

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