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Oh My !


I guess I'm glad I didn't spot this thread earlier !


nothing much is going to taste good to me now, for quite some time 




I just can't imagine better looking stuff to eat.


 a shot of your Menu Board suggests your prices are very fair.


best of luck to you.


hope business is Booming.




BTW  there is a Wendy's near me, on " Route 9 "


its fairly ratty looking,  rarely see cars there.  I think it has a list of health violations.


you could bulldoze it and set up an " Annex " there


no one would mind.  the town might give you a medal.


at least Id be eating better  ......

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Oh, My Heavens, D-for Darlin'!


This is simply unimaginagle---I can smell all the fabulous aromas from here, and hear nothing but sighs, crunches and smacks.   What a splendid menu---so imaginative and put together with an expert eye and hand.


Oh.  My.   Just signing in to say Congratulations and WELL DONE. 


I hope you're all well, and can see that you are supremely happy and prospering.   That BRIGHTS me so much. 


love from the Heartland,





you are too sweet..  So happy all is well... 



Wanted to thank you and everyone else for the kind words... It means a lot to me.  

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Daniel - I am so thrilled for you all!  I've been watching you all along and admiring your food and your principles so much.  I've never forgotten the help you gave me when I first started posting here.  I've sent an email to our mutual friend, Rachel, letting her know about this. 


If we ever get back to NYC, Mekeburg's will be our first meal.  Best, BEST wishes to you!

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