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Why is Everything About Santiago

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I dont know why everytime I see something about Chile in these threads it is always about Santiago. The majority of Chileans who live outside of Santiago dislike Santiago and those who live there love it. The majority of Chileans have a small town feel. I personally live int he south of Chile in a city called Osorno, American by birth but married to a Chilean woman. I am also a Chef working here in the city. When I worked in Frutillar I did tasting menus in a restaurant called Meli and the people always asked me why I dont go to work in Santiago. My answer was always the same, I dont want to live in Santiago because some of the best seafood is from the south of Chile and also the products of the south as far as vegetables and even the meat is the best in the country. The land is trully blessed here but the locals are not ready for a fine dining type atmospheree yet but here in Osorno we have alot of Argentinians pass through here for a close and easy vacation. Osorno is really a transit city that has not been exploited and the food and people are fresh for a new move. I feel that for the true tourist who wants to see the substance of Chile you should make a pass through Valparaiso, Concon, and Santiago but you should also make a trip to the south to  Valdivia, Osorno, and Chiloe to see the real Chile and to taste and proove some of the best ingredients in the world.  

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It is not confined to Chile. 


Foreign press correspondents tend to be based in capital cities throughout the world and, so press reporting, print or television etc  on any country tends to be heavily biased in favour of the capital. This colours people's perception of the relevant country in many ways, including its cuisine. The capital is what they read about.


I live in a huge country and the vast majority of European and particularly American press coverage is based on the capital (Beijing) and the economic centre (Shanghai). Most of the rare coverage of other cities is hopelessly ill-informed.(Journalists need to apply for permission to leave the cities in which they are based. Too much trouble for many.)


Much of Chinese cuisine is almost unknown outside of China. Much of what is sold as Chinese food in the west is unknown in China.

...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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