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Spicy Thai coconut milk flan

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I have a vision for a Thai inspired flan


I'd like to use coconut milk and palm sugar in the custard base, along with some lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves for flavor.


I plan to add some bird eye chilis and some ginger or galangal when I prepare the caramel.


Any thoughts about ratios?


(I am planning to cook the flan sous vide in mason jars)

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I suggest you can cut the ginger and galangal in small pieces, and then boiled with some water for a few minutes to extract the flavor. Remove the ginger and galangal by using a filter or cheesecloth. Use the water to prepare the caramel.

You will get the flavor you want minus the hard pieces of the ginger and galangal. Similarly, lime leaves can be treated the same way.

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My name is KP Kwan. I am a pharmacist turned restaurateur who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have worked in my restaurant more than ten years and since year 2012.


I am also a food blogger.  You can read my blog at http://tasteasianfood.com/

I am looking forward to learning and contributing topics about culinary skills in this forum.

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