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Pointers to develop apple mousse with albumin


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I want to create apple mouse from the juiced Granny Smith apples, then mix juice with albumin to get the apple foam, add sugar, then gelatin and then fold cream.

I'd start from the recipe from sosa.cat for albumin based lemon meringue:

125 gr lemon juice

250 gr sugar

11 gr albumin

I will adjust the sugar down because apple juice is less acidic than lemon. I do not have too much time to experiment so I would be grateful for general guidelines on proportions between sugar, cream, juice and gelatin.

I suspect I also need to add some citric or malic acid to prevent the juice from browning. I'd prefer to use malic acid, are any reasons to use citric acid here rather than malic?

Thanks in advance

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As long as you were lowring the pH to the same degree, it doesn't seem that it would make a difference which acid you used (this is off the top of my head; I may be quite wrong).

You might also want to use honey in place of some of your sugar (unless the flavour would be an issue); a recent issue of Cook's Illustrated noted that there is a compound in honey that effectively (i.e. as per their tests) keeps apples from browning.

Michaela, aka "Mjx"
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That would make a very light mousse it would seem. Also, due to the lack of egg yolks and fat (explanation later), the flavour may not sit on the palate long.


400g apple juice (30-50% gives a good apple flavour)

45g sugar

550g cream

10g gelatin

- Egg white powder as needed

- Acid as needed

Normally, it'd be worth mentioning that, because apple juice isn't a viscous liquid, you'd want to wait till it's really starting to jellify before adding the whipped cream. In this case, it may not be as important unless you were really trying to maximise the volume.

This mousse would technically count as a low fat mousse (approximately 17.5% of it being fat). Due to this, and the lack of any emulsifiers (normally coming from egg yolks) - the flavour and creamy texture won't sit on the tongue much longer than the actual mousse does.

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