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The Esio Beverage Maker

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I saw the Esio beverage maker at Walmart (ggrrr) over the Holidays.

It makes both hot coffee and ice cold beverages via liquid concentrates in pouches with a kinda "ball point tip".

It heats the water for coffee and tea and has a refrigerating unit to chill cold drinks like juice, energy drinks,

margarita mix etc

You can switch pouches quickly to serve numerous drinkers in a jiffy...

Anyone buy one?

Although I love the concept I think it should also froth milk fizz drinks..


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Hello....I acutally purchased an ESIO Beverage machine at Wal-Mart about a month ago along with about a dozen of the E-Pak beverages as well as the carousel that can be used to display the E-Paks for convenient use.

I must say that the machine was very easy to put into use and the quality of the beverages that are dispensed from the E-Paks is excellent. The taste is no different than if you actually bought a single serving of the same product at your local grocery store or convenience store. Each E-Pak provides about 14 servings of the particular beverage that you choose. I personally like the Brisk Ice Teas. My kids like the Countrytime Lemonade and the Crystal Light Energy drink. My wife likes the Barista Bros coffee and the V-8 Splash drinks.

The best part is that you can go from one E-Pak to the next without any after taste and making hot or cold drinks is as easy as pushing the hot or cold water button.

I was so impressed with the ease of using the machine that I purchased two more as Christmas gifts for friends of mine that have kids and it was a big hit with both families.

You can go to the website (www.esiobev.com) and re-order whatever flavors of drinks that you like.

Great invention!! Blows the Keurig machine away in my opinion.

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