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Dave's Burger Barn in Waco


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Traveling from Austin to Dallas, we decided to stop in Waco for lunch, it's about half way in between. Some quick on line looking gave up Dave's Burger Barn http://davesburgerbarn.com/

Tiny little place, but looked like he was getting ready to add some more seating.

Great burgers. Order it mustard all the way and you get mustard, lettuce, onions and pickles. He does offer avacado and fried egg, but that seemed to me to be gilding the lily. Nice hand cut skin on fries.

Talked to a young man I assume was Dave. He had a simple philosophy: everything's fresh. No frozen meat or potatoes allowed in the place and you could really taste it. Nice toasted bun.

Super easy stop off I-35. Take the East Crest Drive exit and go west about a half mile to North Patricia St., its right on the corner.

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