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Will be visiting York next weekend; for a brief but relaxing holiday...I have no food guides at hand so have no idea about what restaurants are available..

First, I thought 'oh yes, I'll be able to visit the Star Inn but that's 25 miles away from the center? Not really realistic for a couple dependent on public transport and with relatively little time...

So, what's York got going for it? :)


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Meltons and Meltons Too. Meltons is a long-standing highlight in a city with not very many good options. I haven't eaten there for years, but I believe it is still rated highly. Meltons Too is a more relaxed wine bar-type place. I think it gets mixed reviews, but when we went a year or two back, for a pre-wedding family get together, I was really impressed with all the dishes and with the way they coped with having a large group in their back room. We had our own menu too, with three choices for each course.

Others on here may have more recent experiences of these places and others.

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York isn't great for food actually, except for J Baker's Bistro. A great culinary experience at a good price.


A good place for lunch is Le Langhe Italian deli.


You might like L'Antica Locanda, in the Shambles.

There is a good view of the Minster from M&S

You can eat indifferent food, but in the amazing Assembly Rooms at Ask.

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yes, unfortunatley the star, pheasant, pipe and glass and black swan are all off the beaten track, and there's not a lot of interesting dining given the high property prices and preponderance of tourists. Last time i looked out of curiosity i had never heard of the high rated trip advisor places but the list of decent dining places in the town centre is not long!

Meltons still the place for quality dining, interesting well thought menus and non-gougy wine list. still my go-to place in York. Couple of decent real ale pubs nearby if that is your thing too, 5 mins walk from town centre. Going there next week for chef mate's birthday.

J Bakers is the other choice, don't know why but I never seem to go here, but it has its fans and wouldn't put you off, again for beer, the blue bell across the road is an interesting tiny pub.

Something a bit different, Red Chilli on Rougier street killer chinese, check out the thread on here, Try the dumplings, lamb hot pot, spring onion bread and pork and green beans . it is excellent, they do the standard cantonese stuff but the szechuan is where they shine. if you do fancy cantonese they have a very cheap lunch menu 9.99 3 courses 5.50 for 1.

Across the road Akbars, one of the best indians but dinner only and not really somewhere to linger.

le Langhe i haven't tried, only the deli but is supposed to be good but needs booking.

Italian non chain Restaurante Bari in the shambles is usually lively and authentically shouty italian.

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you don't win friends with salad

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