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  1. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'll look in to them.
  2. I'd say spending £50 each evening. We could stretch a bit further for somewhere worth it!
  3. Having a 3 day break in London next month and interested in recommendations for places that are not so expensive. That's not to say we're specifically looking for cheap eats. Just not michelin star but still with excellent food. My dining partner unfortunately does not really like spicy food. But anything British, Mediterranean (she's Greek) or whatever is what we're looking for.
  4. Will be visiting York next weekend; for a brief but relaxing holiday...I have no food guides at hand so have no idea about what restaurants are available.. First, I thought 'oh yes, I'll be able to visit the Star Inn but that's 25 miles away from the center? Not really realistic for a couple dependent on public transport and with relatively little time... So, what's York got going for it? Thanks!
  5. So for a year I moved to and worked in the Kitchen at Cedar Manor in Windermere. Then for a couple of reasons, I moved house and now live in Lancaster. Thing is, I don't drive and I would like to work in a restaurant/cafe/whatever but have no idea where! I've considered the Highwayman in Burrow - but the transport there is a bit ropey In Lancaster or cummutable distance, I don't know where I might consider...Not sure whether anyone might know of somewhere they might recommend - somewhere that's making really good food with consistantly high standards.
  6. Manchester is somewhere I very rarely but occasionally visit so I am largely unfamiliar with where to eat in the evening. I know there's a thread covering Manchester and I have tried reading a few reviews over on Manchester Confidential but places seem to rise and fall, standards and chefs change and it becomes a bit unclear where I might choose to eat. Since we need to be in Manchester on Monday, my girlfriend and I will be celebrating her birthday there on Sunday and I'm looking round for a nice place to eat. Where is making good food right now? Mainly looking for a nice setting - doesn't ne
  7. I'm in the North West, Lancaster. I fancy going whereever, probably a day in the North East, then two days down South starting this Monday! The only place I've had on my mind is somewhere called British Larder in Suffolk because I followed the girl's food blog a few years previous to her opening the place. Not heard any reviews of the place yet.
  8. Rather annoyingly my holidays this month arrive just as friends etc are heading back to work. I am a little exhausted after a busy month and thought about flying out somewhere for a few days just to unwind but then it crossed my mind that since I haven't really eaten out anywhere this year maybe I'd travel round this country for three days and try out lunch and dinner in different cities. Who knows, it could be a really boring idea but I'm sort of enjoying the idea of sitting on a train listening to music and Oxford's Short Introductions inbetween meals. I am a young, slightly selfaware man so
  9. Suppose, since it's convenient I could expand the thread to cover decent places to eat in the evening, which provide decent options for vegetarians. I see Chaophraya won an award for vegetarian food but haven't heard anything about the place beyond that.
  10. Visited Teacup to start - had a couple of loose speciality teas - Had Heart of Love blooming flower tea - it looked spectacular but I couldn't find much consolation in the taste for some reason The novelty egg timers were great. Payed a visit to Cornerhouse for lunch but it was full, so ventured into a room with a psychoses exhibition instead. Stomach rumbling, lady friend suggested a weird, looking bar on Oxford Road with no one in for lunch, to which I bizarrely agreed. It was grey wallpaper food - non discript but meh I was too busy talking to care. Spent the evening in Epernay, slowly rec
  11. Thanks for the great reply. Teacup looks like a very good call, anywhere with an interesting tea menu meets my approval. Oklahoma looks like potential but the photos I've seen appear a bit Hipsterish. Not being familiar with Manchester, I must figure out the geography so I can link places together and make our trip through the city feel organic rather than rehearsed lol. As far as food is concerned, she is in her final year at uni, so I imagine not a foodie - anything too high-end would probably feel like I'm trying too hard but I don't want our topic of conversation to be how bad the food is!
  12. Apologies for the nature of the thread but I guessed people here would know better than most. I'm meeting a girl for our first date. We'll be meeting midday in Manchester until evening. We're both early 20s - she's vegetarian. Really just trying to get a few ideas of cafes/eating places in mind. Not really wanting anything formal; idealy just relaxed but not low on quality. Cheers!
  13. I'm making panna cottas. I've put 4.5 gelatine leaves into 800ml of milk/cream. If it doesn't set enough, is it okay to demould and put the mixture back in the pan to add another gelatine leaf?
  14. Thanks for the info. Too late now though as I've remade it and it has worked properly this time. I agree that I may have evaporated too much of the 2nd addition of water in trying to achieve a darker sugar. Any way, the ice cream is really nice
  15. Trying to make the ice cream using this recipe: http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/555087 I put the water in a pan, added the sugar and brought slowly to the boil, not stirring at all. Using a pastry brush, I dabbed the innter sides of the pan to make sure crystals did not form on the edge but alas I ended up with a big block of hard sugar. Question: Do I need to bring the sugar to 180 degrees C (Caramel stage) or just until, like it says, it looks golden (about 120 degrees C).
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