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Stackable, Lidded, Fridge to Table Eating Dishes


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Summer approaches...vacation doesn't :smile: . Here I am as usual on a Monday, working at home, and doing as much of the week's cooking as I can. Every night, my modest, Japanese-size fridge is loaded up with:

Breakfast - lidded dishes of yogurt and fruit (and sometimes cheese/mayo sandwiches ready for quick toasting). For this, I use small handled Chinese instant noodle cups with flat china lids.

Lunch - 3 cooked lunches, bar the rice (cooked fresh in the morning). 1 container = 1 serving.

Dinner - at least the beginnings of dinner, such as fish with a sauce on top, or sliced meat. Unless I get home first, early diners tend to lazily ignore containers of vegetables or salad, and just eat rice and meat. Not. Good. Enough.

I really want to have dinner in individual servings, but without the dismal mood that comes from eating out of a plastic container. The containers need to be pretty, but also compact and preferably stackable - there is just not that much room to store 3 meals plus makings of 2-3 more days' worth of food in that fridge!

Since this is summer, fridge-to-table is enough, but fridge-microwave-table would be even better. Speed is one issue, minimizing clean-up is another, so transferring servings to an eating plate is not my first choice.

So wotcha got?

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I've got a couple of options, both of which I use almost constantly. The first are stacking, hermetically sealed tiffins like these ones. If those seem too industrial (although I love 'em - all three courses, all right there! With a little handle!) you can also look for stackable lidded enamelware or stainless steel bowls with hermetic lids. I have both of these - the enamelware is the prettier of the two, and the stainless steel the more utilitarian.

EDIT: Sorry - just noticed that you want nukeables. Tiffins also come in microwave-safe plastic in all sorts of fun colours (at least, they do here), and the stacking bowls in plastic are, basically, glorified tupperware. There are also lidded stackable melamine bowls and deep plates.

Also: you're in Japan! Are there not lidded bento boxes? Those strike me as the ultimate stackables....

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Lidded bento boxes, yes, but the nice ones are not microwaveable. I bought a large single-tier square one which is nice for composed salads but of course the last person home gets a jumble of leftovers in one corner.

Stainless steel tiffin box, I do have one 3-tiered one, and they are indeed very nice objects, but I'd really like something that doesn't advertise the fact that my family are basically eating two bentos per day, and in fact all three meals come straight out of the fridge...

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I have a couple of sets of these that I use when I take prepared meals to invalid friends and/or neighbors.

They are inexpensive enough that I don't mind if they get lost.

I also have some divided Nordicware covered dishes that are deeper, for stews and etc., I got them at a deep discount at Tuesday Morning.

They are more expensive from this online vendor.

I'm sure there must be something similar available in Japan. It's just knowing how it is named by the manufacturers.

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Rubbermaid makes those containers with the easy find lids in glass now! Fantastic and not hard to find in stores.


I was looking at these in the store the other day. They look great!

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