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  1. Was cleaning out some phone pics and came across these that I took at bed, bath and beyond that I meant to add to this thread... The stalkchop and coconut opener:
  2. This Limited Edition All Black KitchenAid Stand Mixer is giving me life right now. If only I had a spare $1k laying around...
  3. This cooling rack on amazon.com has 2.2" legs and is purple!
  4. This older topic might have some good detailed comparisons for you to check out. It also seems to suggest the protein/meal-replacement bars are a good deal there. I'm not sure if that is still true as I can get decent prices on boxes of them at Bed, Bath & Beyond with 20% off coupons since my local BBB store carries food items. Otherwise, the gist of the thread indicates WF has comparable prices on staples and higher on most other.
  5. Yes, that pre-cut squash is definitely worth it but who knows how long ago it was prepped? This concept is also interesting from a job creation perspective. I have no restaurant industry experience but I wonder how the grocery compensation/benefits/hours would compare.
  6. I actually enjoy prepping more than cooking but having someone else deal with butternut and other hard squashes seems awfully tempting.
  7. Is this just a New York thing or are vegetable butchers coming soon to a store near you? Apparently, there are a couple of stores in New York already where you bring your produce to the in store counter and they will prep it to your specifications. I think it's an interesting extension of pre-chopped produce that you already do see in stores. From what I've read there does seem to be a service charge. http://www.thekitchn.com/whole-foods-new-feature-is-a-meal-prepper-s-dream-241298
  8. Yesterday I made a sort of Guinness Beef Stew in the instant pot. The time savings was great but the taste not quite as good as the regular method in the oven I use. It could be from my mods to the recipe. I left out some of the stock and flour and made a light roux/gravy which I added towards the end to thicken while reducing on the sauté function. Which led me to wondering if anyone had tried making roux in the IP. I found a post on ideas in food where they describe their method which was included in the Modernist Cuisine cookbooks. Anyone do this regularly or even the microwave method and could share any tips? https://myyearwithchris.wordpress.com/2013/11/09/guinness-beef-stew/ http://blog.ideasinfood.com/ideas_in_food/2010/02/roux-in-a-jar.html
  9. One of the cake artists I follow on Instagram (sugargeekshow) recently posted a little peek at her updated livestream setup. She uses Arkon Mounts. One for her smartphone and one for her iPad.
  10. I am so impressed - You've already received and finished one bottle?! That is some true hot sauce love right there. Glad they have rebooted the brand.
  11. natasha1270

    Microwave Tips

    The CSO mafia is relentless :-) Since I got the notion to microwave chips from an ideas in food post years ago about using a toaster oven to do the same, I assume the CSO could do just as well but this thread was asking about microwave tips. I have neither toaster oven or cso to compare.
  12. natasha1270

    Microwave Tips

    here is a junkfood tip: a turn or two around in the microwave will enhance a plateful of tortilla chips. i think the same will apply to potato chips/crisps, too. in mine it only takes less than 15 seconds. not too long to make them greasy but just enough to freshen or revive them and you would almost think they are freshly fried. so much better than straight out of the bag.
  13. Not a thing. I'm trying to minimalize kitchen tools these days but couldn't resist taking a peek before it closes. I've spent alot of time browsing that store over the years! Of course, the Galleria store is remaining and I think I've read somewhere that they will be opening a store in Mosaic.
  14. Anyone in the Northern Virginia area? The Tysons Corner Center Williams Sonoma store is closing and just about everything is 30% off.
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