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  1. Chocolate cream cheese is tasty stuff...haven't you ever had chocolate cheesecake? Sub a slice of toast for the crust, smear it with chocolate Philly and you have yourself a cheesecake breakfast! Probably healthier than Nutella. I happen to know that the good people of Denmark are able to purchase individually wrapped chocolate slices (like a cheese slice) to place on their bread...and I am eternally envious.
  2. I had to check out the Monks of the Ozarks. http://www.trappistmonks.com/ Check out the pic on the home page. Best. Monks. Ever.
  3. We use the dry curd cheese as a filling for vareniki... With the creamed version, I like to puree it and use it as a base for dips. I don't like just eating it as is because of the texture. I am, however, going to try it this week in a spicy curry as suggested above - thanks for the great idea!
  4. Save your fancy donuts for the daytime crowd...the after hours crowd isn't looking to try some new taste sensation. They just want to cram a sugar bomb into their mouth as fast as possible. Or maybe that is just me. Make fresh glazed donuts just before the bar closes and as suggested above, vent out into the street. They will be beating each other with sticks to get through the door. Again, maybe that is just me
  5. I agree wholeheartedly. As a long time Coca-Cola addict, being diagnosed as a diabetic forced me into a cold turkey withdrawl. Worse than quitting smoking, let me tell you. While it may be like giving methadone to a heroin addict, Coke Zero is truly a gift - it has the same little puff of vapour when you open the bottle, the same hiss, the same smell....nirvana. Diet Coke, on the other hand, pushed me straight to Diet Pepsi when I couldn't have The Real Thing anymore. And if I go somewhere now that only has Diet Coke, I complain and order water. Your church has a soda fountain?
  6. http://www.starchefs.com/events/studio/techniques/april-bloomfield/html/index.shtml This might be of interest to you. Good Luck!
  7. I know this isn't what you asked, and I'm not trying to be rude or give you a hard time, but my first thought is that if your Dad is needing to eat these tablets often, perhaps he needs to speak to his doctor and have his meds adjusted, or his diet adjusted or something. The carb level is standard in almost every type and brand, because those tablets are designed to quickly treat a sudden drop in blood sugar, and should then be followed with a slower acting carb of some kind to elevate sugar levels safely. Additionally, many medications respond only to specific types of 'sugar' like dextrose or sucrose that is in those tablets and blood sugar won't rise with the wrong kind. But that's just my two cents worth as a long time diabetic. You can buy reasonably tasty glucose gel in tubes that have 15 carbs per tube, meant to be used in doses, but if he needs a larger hit than the tabs, that might work for him.
  8. Could you do it on a meat slicer?
  9. Did you see this page? http://www.gov.im/tourism/taste/
  10. That's a great idea...I wonder if it alters the taste at all.
  11. I suspect that black brioche isn't actually a thing you can make, but rather some regular brioche crumbs treated with something to make them black, like charcoal or some such. I would email the chef at the restaurant. He has a website. Or email the pastry chef, he's probably the one who has to make it.
  12. http://www.urbanspoon.com/f/1/31/Seattle/Indian-Restaurants
  13. Badiane

    Buddha's Hand Uses

    I candied it a la Liebovitz and let it go just a little further to get a really thick syrup. It is a beautiful accompaniment to cheeses and also with ham, pork and chicken.
  14. Why?...because things stored in the tin sometimes start to taste like the tin once they are open...or the sides of the tin that are coated with the food get crusty and nasty...or you cut yourself on the tin, or bugs get in...lots of reasons, really
  15. I don't think leaving it out would be an issue - but I would remove it from the tin and store it in a sealed plastic container
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