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What Else To Do with White Grapefruit

Chris Amirault

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I made a salad with the grapefruit again today and did sub fish sauce for salt, added lime, and used a bit of a very flavorful honey. I also added shrimp in. The bitterness was tamed just enough and the overall flavor combo is lovely.

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Don't forget the peel. It is lovely candied. It needs to be parboiled more than orange or lemon to reduce the bitterness in the pithy inner part.

I parboil it in 5 changes of water, simmering it for 10 minutes each time, then draining it and allowing it to dry for several hours before putting it into the simple syrup.

The peel of the white grapefruit is much more aromatic than the pink or red varieties.

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It's white grapefruit season -- you know, the grapefruit that tastes like grapefruit instead of that insipid, pink thing in the stores most of the year. Our household goes through a dozen a week, slicing it in half to broil under some brown sugar, squeezed into Blinkers, Colonials, Nevadas, and more, and, of course, eaten peeled and supremed. Just killed one standing over the sink that way.

Surely you know some more ways to eat these glorious fruits while they're in season.

I think it will be great to make ceviche(aka cebiche) or poke (Hawaii)dishes.

Live clams (razor clams, littleneck, Geoduck or cherrystone) (slivers cut)

or fresh tuna/salmon/sea bass (cubes cut)

grapefruit wedges with peels and juice

Lemon juice

Sea salt and ground pepper

Brown sugar

(enough to cure the clams for 3o minutes. Less time for fish)


Japanese seaweeds (soaked)

Agar Agar (soaked)



Grapefruit wedges

Yellow Chili



Light soy sauce

Fish sauce

Corn oil

(Use stone mortar to ground above ingredients)

Mix grounded ingredients, seaweeds and agar agar to cured clams and serve.


Note: Discard excess cure

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