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  1. Agreed Codlo is much prettier than our SousVideMagic (SVM). But here are differences: 1. SVM is voltage universal (90V to 240V) with IEC C14 power socket. One controller to work in all countries. 2. Casing is heavy gauge aluminum extrusion. Sturdy and efficient heat sinking. 3. SVM is at is sixth generation iteration since 2007. 4. SVM is a 15A controller, that means it can control heaters up to 1800W (110V) and 3300W (220V). 5. LED display is very bright and can be monitored 5 meters away. etc. Codlo is definitely a well conceived product and very user friendly.
  2. I think it will be great to make ceviche(aka cebiche) or poke (Hawaii)dishes. Live clams (razor clams, littleneck, Geoduck or cherrystone) (slivers cut) or fresh tuna/salmon/sea bass (cubes cut) grapefruit wedges with peels and juice Lemon juice Sea salt and ground pepper Brown sugar (enough to cure the clams for 3o minutes. Less time for fish) --------------------------------- Japanese seaweeds (soaked) Agar Agar (soaked) -------------------------------- Onion Grapefruit wedges Yellow Chili Coriander Ginger/Garlic Light soy sauce Fish sauce Corn oil (Use stone mortar to ground above ingredients) Mix grounded ingredients, seaweeds and agar agar to cured clams and serve. Enjoy! Note: Discard excess cure
  3. Chef Gaston Acurio of Peru, king of ceviche, is "planning a frontal assault on New York City. http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/article/922217--gaston-acurio-the-most-famous-chef-you-ve-never-heard-of
  4. WOW! Freshest Sashimi ever! More pictures please. BTW What happened to Haymarket?
  5. Your prawns are something we can never get over here. Do you save the shell and heads for the making the curry sauce? About the pre-made Thompson's curry sauce, you must have used the shrimp paste in the curry paste recipe. Can you tell us the shrimp paste's(kapi)brand? I always use the Malaysian belacan and never can locate a good kapi in Canada. Great Thai dishes!
  6. If the business is so busy that you can not meet demands, there is no reason to hold. The best way is not to hold. This is how we do it: 1. After smoking the meats, vacuum pack them. (You can cut down smoking time with SV). 2. Sous vide in water bath to pasteurize and tenderize. 3. Hold them in water bath at 131F if you think you can use them within 4 hours. or 4. Chill them for future use. When you get an order, just woodfire grill them before serving.
  7. On the subject of chips. I heard that there is a chips joint near one of the beaches (Bondi??) makes the best chips in the world. The sauce is dynamite! Are your chips done the same way?
  8. I wish I had a better vocabulary in this regard, but I would say in a few words that he is the Julia Child of Thai cooking though with a very deep emphasis on authenticity- his first book is a true classic. http://www.amazon.com/Thai-Food-David-Thompson/dp/1580084621 Thanks. I know Thompson (Jim) is famous for Thai silk now I know there is another Thompson famous for Thai food!
  9. Off the topic. Since I am out of the loop (Australian culinary scene). Who is this guy David Thompson? I saw his restaurant in SGP being staged in Food Channel "Top Chef Master" finale. A Thai chef!!?
  10. Correction: Sensors can take 200C but current SVM version limits to 130C.
  11. Hi Nick It has been fascinating to follow you through on this incredible culinary journey. It makes me wanting to come back to Sydney for a visit soon. I need a break from shoveling the snow! About frying the potato in 140C oil. You can actually do it in the rice cooker and controlled by SousVideMagic using the high temperature sensor(i.e., the one with the grey PTFE cable can control up to 200C) This way you can deep fry precisely! Best Frank
  12. My take on the "Under Pressure". 1. The title is appropriate for two reasons: First, since it is for the mainstream consumer market, as far as for the layman, the food is being pressed inside the bag. Second, for the professional cooks who are demanding and perfectionists like Keller, you are constantly "Under Pressure" to perform and it is especially true in a "sous-vide" kitchen environment. 2. Viking is definitely coming up with a sousvide cooker for the pro-consumer market and it will retail for over $1,000. It may be launched around the release date of the book (just a guess). I know the chef who is under NDA and currently testing it. Viking is the main ad sponsor of the eG's sousvide thread; of course, they are interested. One thing I am not sure is whether Viking will have a cheaper version for the consumer market. The real missing link here is still the availability of a FDA approved consumer-oriented vacuum packing system. Lots of people use Foodsaver but it is not endorsed by the manufacturer. Ziploc bags are only good for 80C max and not endorsed by the manufacturer either. I am also looking forward for the release of two other books around the same time as "Under Pressure"'s release date: "Fat duck" and "Alinea" Of course, the ultimate SV book will be the book to be written by NathanM.
  13. Check out SousVideMagic It is the same as Auber, but the site has lots of helpful information on cooking sous-vide with rice cookers.
  14. I would like to add some comments on Gaba germination. Gaba germination The above article states that the best environment to germinate Gaba is at 32C for 22 hours. I have tried many different ways, and the best result is using a rice warmer or a rice cooker using the warm cycle and controlled it with a PID controller like SousVideMagic/Auber. Without bagging the rice gives much better result. Good germination apparently needs some air and natural moist environment. Most microprocessor based Japanese rice cookers now have a brown rice cooking cycle, but they use higher temperature and shorter time to soak, germination is never matured enough for full health benefits. BTW, If anyone one interested in making sweet rice wine, the best environment is 30C for 25 hours depending on how sweet you want you wine to turn out.
  15. We have some experiences using using PID temperature controllers like SousVideMagic, J-Kem PID temperature controller, .... etc. Here is what we find: - always set the baine marie (steam table)'s thermostatic control to highest, this way your controller can do all the controlling. - you will get better stability and heat distribution if the baine marie uses embedded resistive heating elements and has good insulation. - you get better results (stability, homogeneousness) if you don't use inserts having another layer of hot water bath. But for long term cooking (over 24 hours), using another s/s inserts over another water bath is acceptable. - because baine marie dimension has big surface area to depth ratio, this present problems of greater heat loss, less heat convection and more crevices for cold spots. - always make sure your sensor is not touching the food pouches. It is perfect for bulky items like whole beef short ribs and whole rack of side ribs. Yes, steam table is a viable SV cooker for long term SV cooking. Have fun!
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