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Current best restaurant close to Strasbourg?


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I'll be in Strasbourg the first weekend of July. Will have a Saturday, Sunday or Monday night to have one great meal. Where should it be?

Based on everything I've read, L'Arnsbourg looks like the leader. I don't care how many years Auberge has had their stars; is their food now really that great? I care nothing for service, merely the best possible food.

Thanks for your suggestions

Also, since you are probably very familiar with the area, I will need a couple of kid-tolerant, less formal, non-touristy places for lunches in Strasbourg and Baden Baden and dinners in Strasbourg.

Many thanks

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We were in Strasbourg last summer with our 7-month-old. L'Arnsbourg was her first 3-star, and we ate there twice and stayed at the Hotel K. We did better with the traditional dishes a la carte, particularly enjoying the veal sweetbreads and kidneys, the fruit and vegetable cocotte, and the frogs' legs. We did ask for seconds of the beef tartare and the oyster with citrus and seaweeds from the tasting menu of the night before, but execution was not the same. The baby had her first potato puree there, and she must have enjoyed it because she has refused to have any other since. This is the hidden danger of taking kids to Michelin restaurants so early.

Buerehiesel is not in general a fantastic restaurant, but they do the best Baeckeoffe of Bresse chicken we had. Exceptional, with a hint of preserved lemon. Maison des Tanneurs is touristy but decent for choucroute, especially with a child. Maison Kommerzell was a disgrace.

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L'Arnsbourg and Auberge de l'Ill are the starred restaurants near to Strasbourg. For either you'll need to book well in advance. They are both about an hour's drive from Strasbourg.

I've not eaten at L'Arnsbourg but the food at Auberge l'Ill was very good. You'll probably get nearly as good food at other restaurants as near to Strasbourg but possibly without the repeatability given the lower number of staff and without the same level of service.

You should note Au Crocodile has changed ownership in June 2009; Emile Jung retired and Au Crocodile was taken over by Philippe Bohrer (who runs several restaurants). You should be careful when reading any older reviews.

In general you should be aware many restaurants are closed Sunday evening, and all Monday, and/or Tuesday.

http://www.restaurant-ranking.com/en/index.html is a good web site for seeing the ratings according to a range of French guides: Bottin, Champerard, GaultMillau, Michelin, Pudlo.

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Thanks for your suggestions. Have my reservation at L'Arnsbourg. Looking forward to it

I was at L'Arnsbourg and Hotel K last Sunday (May 9th), and it continues to be an exceptional dining experience. In fact, these days Hotel K is one of my favorite place on earth...if you can, stay.

The Menu Découverte (€145) was as follows:

Collection Amuses (including: Smoked Eel Madeleine, Deconstructed Margarita, Dissolving Peanut, a trio of vegetarian amuses-one of which tasted exactly like steak tartare and an oyster with Asian citrus flavors).

Variety of Spring Vegetables

Marinated Langoustine, Fresh Herbs, Sprouts Salad

White Asparagus, Hollandaise and Pomelo

Red Mullet, Rhubarb and Olives, Verbena Oil

North Sea Lobster, Young Celery, Lemongrass Foam

Milk Lamb, Rice Cream, Candied Black Garlic, Carrot and Kumquat

Cheese and Fennel with Orange Cappuccino

Collection Desserts

I supplemented a caviar course that included with blinis, cauliflower foam and yogurt pearls (€45) and a selection of exceptional cheeses from Maître Bernard Antony (€27).

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Maison des Tanneurs is touristy but decent for choucroute, especially with a child.

I'm just back from Alsace and agree with Culinista about Maison des tanneurs, I'm sure there is probably better around somewhere in Strasbourg but the Choucroute seems decent enough.

If there is currently a better restaurant than L'Arnsbourg in Alsace (maybe even France?) I would chew my leg off if it would help me get there quicker.

Auberge is also great if you go with the right mindset. It is very classical food and is in a beautiful location, just don't go expecting contemporary cuisine. It would make a beutiful spot for Sunday lunch with a table next to the river. For those who say it doesn't deserve its stars I would say that if it deserved 3 stars with that style of cuisine in the past why should it lose them simply because modern tastes have changed? I had a very enjoyable, well executed meal there. The hotel is also beautiful.

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