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Hey Carnivores from Vero Beach to Ft. Pierce/Stuart

Shirley U. Jest

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I am meeting a friend from Australia for lunch. We are looking for a restaurant on the ocean with a view, that serves decent meat dishes.

We're not interested in sandwiches, salads or fried foods. We're interested in a good meat dish or seafood that hasn't been breaded and fried.

Somewhere between Vero Beach and Stuart/Ft. Pierce.

I've eaten at Waldo's in Vero and the menu sucks... It's all fried food.

I've eaten at Ocean Grill, but they don't serve lunch..

I've eaten at the Original Tiki Bar in Ft. Pierce, but can't remember if they have decent meat dishes.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a decent lunch for a couple of meat eaters?



Meat! It's what's for dinner!
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