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  1. @liuzhou I normally try to visit every 2-3 years to see my parents and relatives. The city life has changed a lot in the past couple decades but rural areas and places tourists visits are still pretty much the same, a little more crowded maybe.
  2. @Tropicalsenior I do love the international district too, but for spices i bring most of them from Sri Lanka when i travel or there are couple of websites that import Sri Lankan products into US. @pastrygirl Unfortunately there are no Sri Lankan restaurants in Seattle or close by, There is one restaurant in Vancouver which has several Sri Lankan dishes "Kurumba Restaurant" in Port Moody, I have only been to that once and tried the Chiken Kottu and Beef Kottu and they were so good, I would say very close to good ones you find in Sri Lanka. Kottu is very popular dish in Sri Lanka.
  3. Thank you @pastrygirl and @C. sapidus. @liuzhou So glad to hear you have visited Sri Lanka, It is a wonderful country with so much nature, cuisine and culture packed into a small island :).
  4. Thank you so much @Tropicalsenior for the lovely reply, it means a lot. I am also not Seattle per say, I live in Bothell :D.
  5. Hi All, I am Roshani from Seattle Washington. I am originally from Sri Lanka, a small island nation . I am huge foodie and love trying out and developing new recipes. I share my recipes in my blog HungryLankan (Not added a link since i am not sure if that is ok or not). I love any kind of food but more familiar with Sri Lankan cuisine since that is what i grew up with. Hoping to read all about others food adventures and share mine with others here.
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