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3 days in Verona.

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Hi there

I am going to be in Verona for three days from the 1st May and was hoping to find some restaurant recommendations for dinner and lunch.

I had a dig around and found these three that look pretty good




any comments on these three?

I am looking for good italian cooking but am pretty open to styles and price ranges.

Any recommendations on places to eat or things to do would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advances


"so tell me how do you bone a chicken?"

"tastes so good makes you want to slap your mamma!!"

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Since someone should respond after three days, I can pass along this morsel: I am not familiar with any of the three restaurants you cite, although Arche used to be considered the best in Verona many years ago. I have to say I'm a bit bewildered that Il Desco offers so few dishs on its a la carte menu. Trouble there?

Since I'm a practitioner of Italian traditional dining, I can say that I had a good and fun lunch four or five years ago at Tre Marchetti in the shadow of the Arena. A Pompiere was a recommendation from one or two people I find trustworthy, but I found it to be rather mechanical and cold, but with decent food. It's a bit of a scene and an effort to be authentic, but unsuccesful in that effort in my opinion. This is not to say you wouldn't like it. It's in the commercial center, so maybe you want to stick your head in the door upon arrival. Lots of younger people appeared to be having a good time.

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