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Working with egg whites


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We are hosting a dinner that will have a caramel souffle for dessert.

Trying to time things to minimize activity in the kitchen between the main and dessert.

Does anyone have experience with how long one can hold egg whites after they have been whipped - before you have to work with them? Can they go 30 minutes?

Unfortunately the recipe says these souffles have to go straight to the oven (we have a recipe for some you can freeze before baking which is great - but not this one.).

Does anyone have any broader experience with sweet souffles and whether they can sit at all before going in the oven?

Any thoughts?

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I am not a pastry person. BUT I did work a pastry station for 4 months where we had different souffles everyday made with a standard base recipe. I normally had 4 souffles filled once the first few appetizers went out and never had any problem with them not rising. They kept for as long as 40 minutes. Again, I am so not a pastry person and I think it has a lot to do with the recipe you are working with. I've seen some recipes that make a super strong flavored base so they can fold in more egg whites without compromising flavor.

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look thing is with souffles some can hold for a while and some don`t.

depends on the base you have, when we make souffles for DJ from cap fruit puree most hold for an hour or so but for our ALC souffle`s like yuzu, passion fruit, orange and other they don`t hold well at all.

so unless some one know`s your souffle`s really help we can`t help

do you have a machine to whip the whites????

if you do you don`t have a problem because you can have the base ready in a plastic pot to microwave it, with the whites and sugar all ready to go.

to make them should take 4-8 mins depending on how many.

plus i am sure you guest`s would rather wait a few min`s more for a well done souffle.

tell you what make 4 souffle now. and cook them 10 mins apart and see how the 1st and last one`s come out. and then you`ll have a much better idea.

i cook, i sleep, i ride.

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