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  1. The stage where you cook your cream, zest and lemons. Wouldn't this cause the cream to curdle?
  2. Ostrich? There should be a couple of ostrich farms in the east coast.
  3. I guess it wouldn't hurt to scoop out a couple cups of the batter, add some salt and pepper to it, dip a small piece of fish fry it. And then do the same using your regular batter and taste it side by side to compare. Preferably a blindfolded tasting by two people for a more objective result. If you do a blind tasting, let us know the result! I've used batter with salt in it mostly because our motto was that everything is supposed to be seasoned... I had no problem with it all night especially when it sat on ice to keep cool. The thought of fish germs in a batter just sitting in a warm environment for a night was not really appealing and it made for a crispier breading.
  4. matcha pastry cream? matcha whipped cream? anything that you would use a regular vanilla base in....
  5. One thing I noticed about the vending machine challenge... WD was the only one who's components were probably around 90% from the vending machine. I guess I thought these challenges are explained differently to the contestants but I expected a little more usage of the vending machine food, to see what they do with it.. however less appetizing it may be. So I was surprised that WD scored the lowest when his dish hit the "goal" of the challenge.
  6. Thank you for the suggestions! will try the sorbet and make a thick syrupy swirl to stream into a vanilla base... oohhhh! I can't wait!
  7. I especially love the jamaica flower or hibiscus tea on a hot day and decided to make some ice cream out of it today. I just steeped the dried flowers like I normally do for the tea bag ice creams (like earl grey) in the heated base. I stepped away for 2 minutes, came back and oh my gosh! The cream curdled like I squeezed a whole lemon in it. I read that there is Protocatechuic acid in the flower.. not that I know what that means except that it has the word acid in it... Has anyone tried to do this? I want to know why it happened... I think I'll just make a simple syrup, super concentrated jamaica solution and use that instead... would that work? or will it just cause a lot of crystallization? Help! I want to eat it in ice cream form!
  8. No mindless chitchat/gossip. Clean as you go.
  9. I heard that when they are young and have less seeds the bitterness factor is nonexistent. And since salt draws out the water.... my unscientific conclusion would be "It would be okay to not salt eggplants when they are young/tender and you don't care about the amount of moisture that comes out during the cooking process"
  10. what if..... they just made a pile and then using a small bowl (with oil slathered on the bottom part to prevent sticking?) just pressed into the mound. dip fork in paprika, press. drizzle oil, lay some chick pea. voila! who knows. It's very pretty though.
  11. HYoungJoo


    Yelp is helpful for knowing what places are better left avoided as mentioned above or suggestions for menu items that the establishment might be better at than others. Good and bad reviews for each place pretty mention the same stuff. There is absolutely no reason to rely on it 100% because there have been some issues about competing businesses writing bad reviews about each other or the advertising ploys used by the company itself (I think the link was posted somewhere on eG about a month ago). But I do not doubt the affect it has on people's choices or the affect it can have on a business.
  12. carrot latkes. carrot pancake carrot pudding
  13. some places pay hourly. so depending on how much labor cost is, you won't get to clock in more than 8 hours.. notice the "clock in". Some places pay by the day, meaning you might work who knows how many hours. Depends on what needs to be done and what you want to spend your time doing. Time flies when you're having fun right? There is nothing wrong with asking. It just means you're doing your research before making decisions.
  14. I am not a pastry person. BUT I did work a pastry station for 4 months where we had different souffles everyday made with a standard base recipe. I normally had 4 souffles filled once the first few appetizers went out and never had any problem with them not rising. They kept for as long as 40 minutes. Again, I am so not a pastry person and I think it has a lot to do with the recipe you are working with. I've seen some recipes that make a super strong flavored base so they can fold in more egg whites without compromising flavor.
  15. rice pudding? prune cake.. soaking with the extra liquid too.
  16. The place I was at didn't have one so I made one for my station and ended up making one for every station - I like organization. Some people did not want to use it (thought it was a nuisance), but I think it's a good idea especially if you rotate out with another person during the week. The prep sheet gives them an idea of what needs to be done.
  17. HYoungJoo

    Easy Tofu recipes

    For the times I eat alone at home and cook something simple, I like to fix up blocks of seared tofu and serve it under a mountain of steamed or sauteed veggies with a quick sauce that has a little heat to it. Don't' forget the different textures of tofu available out there. since the daughter is going vegetarian, your friend might want to consider grains or legumes with more protein content than tofu. Lentil or quinoa salads topped with crumbled tofu, chopped veggies and tossed in a light vinaigrette is always good too.
  18. That looks awesome! I'm going to go try it. and maybe add some other things like pine nuts
  19. Go to a 4 year college. It's always good to have a back up plan. Experience is important but that is also about the quality of the job experience and not the length of time. Depending on what kind of effort you put in and time management schedule you stick to, you can get the same "experience" in half the time. Getting experience is about staying focused on what you want to achieve and get out of it. I agree that a 4 year college is not for everyone but it sounds like you are half way into that process. I went to culinary school and love working in the kitchen but decided to finish school and am working part time. I realized that having a backup plan in case stuff (accidents, family etc) would be a good idea because goals and perspectives always change as you grow. And getting more education in the area of interest should only help you further. Especially in these uncertain times, it's good to have a degree to fall back on and a 4 year degree in food science sounds like a window to other opportunities you would've otherwise never thought about.
  20. HYoungJoo

    Chicken Liver

    As weird as this might sound.. I've made biscuits with chicken liver before. Just pureed it and adjusted everything else to make up for the added moisture. The small biscuits made for an interesting snack.
  21. Alton Brown's cookbooks are pretty straight forward in its directions. I find that some people have really great techniques and ideas but have a hard time transferring those ideas onto paper. It might just be a communication problem where the chefs thought some techniques are a given in certain situations. Some people say recipes are guidelines and I guess the cook has to interpret it whichever way depending on their skill level.. even if it's a cookbook for the general public. ( Does this add to the topic at all? )
  22. I think a good bonus to the class would be to find different ways to use some of the left overs. Sometimes a lot of people do not know what to do with leftovers because they are afraid of going outside the recipe. I don't know that many people who buy just the right amount of groceries for the particular recipe, especially at home. If you taught them how to make, for example, mashed potato and some sauteed greens of some sort, maybe with some of the leftover, you can show them how to make Japanese croquettes (korokke) and udon noodles with some of the greens and what not. Keep up a post on how it's going.
  23. I've made a white sauce before that had melted camembert in it. I usually whisked until it melted, picked out the big chunks of rind and then strained the whole thing through a strainer for the tiny pieces.
  24. Agree! Heard about it from my boss. If he didn't tell me, I would've never known about it. I love this show... My favorites so far are the ones from New Orleans and Miami. I wish this was on a major network too so it's accessible to others.
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