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Purchasing Beer on Ebay


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I've been able to find lots of nice rare craft beers on Ebay and I'm curious to know about your experiences (good OR bad) if you've purchased from there.

I generally trade for craft beers but have purchased on Ebay a couple of times for beers that were extremely hard to find. My experiences were both positive, although the beers were quite pricey.

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I haven't, but my boyfriend has. Like BrentKulman, he trades for most, but has bought a few things online. By the way, if you're looking to use eBay expand on the amount of beer you've had but don't trade, you really should trade instead. Most of the stuff on eBay is overpriced, especially for current special releases with a lot of hype. The majority the special releases you'll find are sold by of people who got extra bottles over the limit (usually by going on line again or asking/paying someone to stand in line for them) and selling them on eBay at a markup.

What eBay is better for is to buy really special, rare/vintage stuff that you can't trade or buy elsewhere. The stuff my boyfriend has bought online has been mostly older vintages, like old De Dolle beers and Bass King's Ale (and some of their other commemorative beers). He seems pretty happy with what he's bought, and with the whole buying process, but he seems to shop around a lot and look for deals that seem worth it.

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