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  1. Highland Park Brewery. I make a beeline for it whenever I am in the area. Monkish is right up there as well.
  2. It has been brewed since then and this year it was brewed by Dogfish Head without the other two breweries participating, though it will rotate to the others in future years. http://www.dogfish.com/community/blogfish/members/mariah/saison-du-buff-it%E2%80%99s-time-to-go-solo.htm
  3. Succotash

    I had some great succotash at Salt of the Earth in Pittsburgh earlier this week. Corn only, cooked in butter (I think), but prepared with chives and tarragon which created a very tasty twist on the dish.
  4. Having tried that beer, I would agree with your assessment. Before you disparage all gimmick beers, the Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (much harder to find since you can only get bottles from the brewpub if you are a member of their club) is a truly amazing beer. They also make a number of other gimmick beers that are outstanding, as well.
  5. It does take some time for the Brett to work its magic so you cannot really judge a Brett beer's ultimate flavor profile upon the initial release. I would wait a year or more before making a final judgment.
  6. I really hate loud restaurants so I am with you. I have been to Blacksalt twice (though not in the past couple of years) and really enjoyed the food. The tables are relatively close together but I do not recall the noise level being a problem.
  7. Here are a few recommendations for you in this genre: Brasserie Des Rocs Triple Impériale Corsendonk Christmas Ale Maredsous 8 - Brune St. Bernardus Abt 12.
  8. I had the 12 a few years ago and found it a bit too sweet and boozy for my palate. A very nice beer, no doubt, and worth trying once. But when you get over the hype due to the difficulty of obtaining the Westvleteren, I think I much prefer the Rochefort 10, which is far easier to obtain.
  9. This past weekend, I was listening to The Splendid Table and I heard Lynn Rossetto Kasper pronounce it "bru-SHET-ta." I always thought this was a mis-pronunciation but she's Italian and I'm not. Is this a regional thing, perhaps?
  10. Charlie Trotter Calls it Quits

    Is he retiring or is he closing the restaurant due to economic issues? My wife and I had an outstanding meal there 10-15 years ago. I would rank it among the top 5 meals we have eaten anywhere.
  11. Where to eat in Nashville?

    Another vote for the fried chicken at Loveless Cafe. The place is a little out of the way but a visitor to Nashville would be well advised to make the journey.
  12. I once heard the owner of the Young Pecan Company speak at an awards banquet. He said, "Mah bidness is turnin' PEE-cans into pe-KAHNS." Great line and it sums up the debate.
  13. The changing beer-sales landscape in the USA

    Absolutely. The brand is owned by Diageo, one of the largest alcholic beverage companies in the world.
  14. That is a powerhouse list. You should be pinching yourself at your good fortune.
  15. The changing beer-sales landscape in the USA

    It's actually a Vienna Lager. A Vienna Pilsner (were there such a style and in today's craft world you just might have created one) would be much more hoppy.