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Some 2023 beer pubs and casual dining recs for Phoenix Metro Valley

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So, locally it's Car Auction shows, Golf Open, and StuperBowl madness season.   Lots of visitors.   Been awhile to update some current favs if people need them.

I mostly drink beer, so breweries and beer pubs are my main destination.

These are some of the solid choices I have been visiting.   These are all over the Valley, so if you're visiting for the Scottsdale events, check your map carefully.


Raven's View in Tonto Hills, beautiful venue, astounding views, food is great.  Can get very busy very quickly.

Trevors.   A liquor store and more.  Nice taps selection, sometimes has food trucks, I bring in outside food there if I want to drink and eat.  I suggest stopping at DeFalco's Deli and bringing that with you.  The CCSP is the best sandwich in my opinion, but there really isn't a bad choice at DeFalco's.  Everything is topknotch.

Freely's.   Newish Neighborhood place.  Flatbreads are the most common food service.  Lots of great beers.

Hop Central.  Another Neighborhood place.  Usually amazing tap rotation.  Pinball!!!  Bring in your own food.  There's Mexican, Asian and Pizza places on the same corner as Hop Central.

Chupacabra Tap Room.  Tiny place, but big-ish outdoor seating.   Outstanding tap list normally.  A place were "everybody knows your name".  Bring in your own food, I prefer to get some Pete's Fish and Chips for some satisfying fast food.  My favorite is the scallops.  Pete's is close to Chupacabra ~1/2 mile.

Grand Avenue Brewing.   Just went here for the first time.   Really GOOD Belgian styles and nice stouts.  The food specializes in green chile.  Very impressed.   

Beer Barn.  Newest place for me.   Really astounding and original tap list.  Bring in your own food, there's restaurants in the same location as Beer Barn.

Big Earl's.  Burgers are great, but the White Russian milkshake for breakfast was stellar. <hic>

Jalapeno Bucks. Arizona-style BBQ(?).  I go for their burritos, the 3-way is king.  No alcohol, but you eat in a citrus grove and now can buy excellent citrus from the farm store.

Cornish Pasty.  Nice local chain, the pasties are really good.  Nice beer selection, nothing exciting.  Several locations in Valley.

Craft 64.  Best pizza around, on par with P*zzeria B*****s (which I avoid).  Really good local beer taps and their own brews are excellent.



I may add to this as I think of more recs.


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