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Malaysian Menu

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Because Chinese New Year food is expensive, hard-to-get and I don't find it particularly tasty, I have decided to cook what I like to celebrate Chinese New Year with some Dutch friends tomorrow.

I'm not quite sure if this would go together so please tell me what you think:

i) Kari Terung (Aubergine curry)

ii) Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) served with a tangy sambal

iii) white rice

iv) Roti Canai (frozen, they are awesome for pre-packaged stuff!)

v) Kangkung belacan

vi) Kai Lan with garlic

vii) Ayam Masak Merah

viii) Sweet & Sour Pork for one friend who cannot eat anything spicy (even Dutch curry flavoured- ketchup).

How many people: 6

What do you think??

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