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lollipop help


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hi all -

i'd like to start experimenting with making my own lollipops. am following a recipe that uses as it's base:

1 cup sugar

1/3 cup corn syrup

1/2 cup water

this recipe calls for using 1 tsp. of flavoring, but i think that it refers to extracts that you would commonly buy at the grocery store. i have, and planned to use, some more highly concentrated flavors - mostly from lorann - and am pretty sure that if i used a whole tsp. of one of those, i would be making Overkill Pops!! :shock: i also have several bottles of pandan extract in my pantry, and am wondering if those would make an interesting lollipop or not.

can anyone offer any advice re: the right amount of flavoring to use when making lollipops?

thank you!

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I haven't heard of Lorann before but most flavourings have a recommended dosage that you could use as a rough guide don't they? I took a quick look for Lorann's website and couldn't find a suggested dosage but they did have some recipes which should give you a pretty good idea:


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I've always used a bottle of the Lorann, the smaller ones. I think they're 1 dram bottles. I'll double check my recipe when I get home, but if memory serves, it's about double what yours is. I seem to remember 3/4c corn syrup and 1c water.

That said, double-flavored batches went over FAR better than the singles simply because the flavors really came through. We've done as many as 20 different flavors in a day- so the more common Lorann flavors and combinations you'll come up with do well with one, but were generally better with 2.

(eta: FINALLY a question I have some experience with!! :wink: )

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I have made a lot of children's lollipops over the last few months, and used LorAnn extracts to flavor them. I have never measured the amount used, but just a few drops will be enough to flavor 1 cup of sugar plus 1/2 cup of corn syrup. And never stand over the container when you put the flavoring in!!! :raz:

LorAnn provides a very simple microwave hard candy recipe which I have used a lot of the time. Like falling off a log easy.

I also purchased some wonderful sucker molds from a place in Utah, Sweet Creations.

My next project is to decorate the lollipops using Royal icing.

Good luck.



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Got home to find my book open to that page, my pdf recipe was opposite it. :smile: We use this recipe for hard candy and have always made lollipops from it as well:

1c water

1c sugar

3/4c corn syrup

I found the oils on the Lorann page here: https://www.lorannoils.com/c-6-super-streng...candy-oils.aspx Until the last few years, we used a 1 dram bottle per unless we were doing flavor combos- cherry cheesecake, caramel apple, etc. As I mentioned, we've migrated toward double-strength batches after a long day and several 'extra' bottles of flavoring. :blush: Those were the batches that received the best reviews.

We also traditionally do a triple-strength batch of cinnamon, but it's more oil than will incorporate into the syrup which means it soaks into the confectioner's sugar- yum!

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thanks very much for all of the advice!

i like the idea of strongly flavored lollipops, so will give the 2-dram recipe a try. aza - am i right in assuming that you use 2 drams with the recipe you gave me (1 cup sugar, 3/4 cup syrup)? just making sure i have that clear :-)

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