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  1. I have Marcel Death by Chocolate book and have tried a couple of cakes and they turned out great. I took one the a mystery dinner and it was a hit....
  2. I think it may depend on the chocolate you use as well. I was going to use milk chocolate. Semi sweet might clash with salty I don't know. I'll have to try it see. The only thing is I'm not a big fan of real crispy bacon. I like mine right before it goes to cirspy....The caramel thing sounds good too. Geez there so much you can do with chocolate these days.....I'll let you all know how it went.....
  3. Well how about Turkey bacon would that be ok for your wife?
  4. Ok that's great. I think I'll experiement this weekend.. So the more crispy the longer the shelf life... Thanks Rena
  5. Last night on the FoodNetwork Micheal Symon did chocolate covered bacon on Dinner Impossible segment. I guess he's the new host. Anyway, everyone loved it. Has anyone done this before? I'm thinking of doing it for the Holidays. I'm worried about the shelf life though. Would probably have to do it on a made to order and not in advance.... Any thoughts? Thanks, Rena
  6. I'm blocked from seeing the recipe here at work. I'll have to get if from home tonight. Thanks Rena
  7. I'm making a Carrot Cake for my friend at work. I haven't made one since oh geezzzzz ummmm 1988? maybe. Is there anything I should be aware of or anything I can do to the recipe to make it better.? there's 6 cups of carrot raisens Walnuts and then the average ingredient; eggs, flour, baking soda, etc. or if anyone has a really good recipe please post it. I got the one I'm trying from allrecipes.com . Thanks in advance Rena
  8. Thank Lior for all the pics and recipes. I'm taking a class here in Calif in Oct at the San Francisoc Baking Institute. It's Called Gourmet Confection. I hope it's like your class. The instructors are going to make all the centers and then we will fill or hand dip them. I can't wait. It's a 5 day course. The emphises will be on tempering the chocolate and all that goes with it... Thanks again for the info Rena
  9. Wow congrats on your festival and new baby. Those box's look like a great way to store you chocolates for traveling. Thanks for the tips. I'll have to check those out. What brand of razzle dust to you use on the leaf chocolate? I think there are the maple leaf? not sure.
  10. Thanks Kerry and thanks for tidbit about using cocoa butter instead of white chocolate. That's good to know.
  11. Hello everyone! I just ordered Razzel Dust to color my molds with. I've never done this before and I know there is a thread out there about it but I thought I'd just go ahead ask anyway. What is the best way to work with this? It says you can add vodka and make a mix and then apply to molded chocolates or the molds itself. Can I add it to white chocoalte (cocoa butter) and then apply it to the molds? I ordered from yourchocolateshop.com. I have raspberry, blue, copper and bronze. My church is have a 'Chocolate Sunday' coming up Mothers Day weekend where everyone brings something chocol
  12. Wow Chris those look great. I have his book to but havne't jumped in yet. I need to order the bars. Where did you get you dipping tools from? the ones I have were given to me from Chocovison when I orderd the little itty bitty melter which i don't like. Thanks your all your input... Rena
  13. Thanks Tami for your question. I've been trying to find and buttercream filling recipe for years for chocolate centers. If you are interested there is a course being offered at the San Francisco Baking institute called 'Gourmet Continenatal Chocolates'. It's a one week course being offered by Richardson Reserches who have in the past done the course on the UC Davis Campus but they are renovating the building they normally use and this year only it's at the SFBI. It's $1925.00 but well worth it in my opinion. It's from Oct 6 thru 10. Some of the confections covered will be Raspberry Noyau,
  14. Hi Loir, I fogot to ask you where did you get your hedgehog molds from? Those are so cute!! Thanks, Rena
  15. Lior, Those look fantastic! I applauded you I know the frustation you went through in making your chocolates I've read pretty much all your post. I too am a grad from Ecole and to see how you have advanced yourself it's just amazing. One day I hope to be there but without a working space it's impossible to do the things I really want to do. I do some things but not what my heart really wants to do with chocolate. Hats off to you!! Bravo Bravo!!! Keep up the good work. Rena
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