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V-Vessel conical fermenter


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The V-Vessel was developed for BrewShops in Canada.

The cost is reasonable and it allows for primary, secondary and bottling without any transfers. It is plastic and costs from $150 to $170. There is one on eBay for $100.

Does anyone have experience? Are there any opinions?


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I have certainly seen large stainless steel conical fermenters in brewpubs and the like. It seems very efficient, but I wonder how easy they are to clean.


Michael Lloyd

Mill Creek, Washington USA

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You should try pos

ting this question at hbd.org, or any of the other popular brewing discussion groups. I'm sure you'd get lots of response. As for me, I would switch from a simple bucket. If you use plastic you want to replace every now again, and >100 does not promote replacing it. I dispense from my secondary, so there's really no advantage here for me. Lastly, it appears to me that if you're filling the fermenter in a different location than you're fermenting it (like I am) that it could be a gigantic pita.

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