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Your Next Party in Jacksonville


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We play golf at this club - and eat there frequently. Like it a lot. But I threw a party there for the first time a couple of weeks ago - a 90th birthday party for my father - about 35 guests. The place did a magnificent job - super room - great food (mains were lamb and shrimp grilled on the barby outside) - attentive service. All at a very reasonable price. The TPC can do a party for 20 or 500 - and I recommend considering it for a catered affair. If you are planning something like that - whether it's a business meeting or a wedding - email or PM me and I will put you in touch with the right people.

FWIW - we did see a party for about 400 earlier this year - GM's "supplier of the year" party - which was held in Singapore last year - London the year before - etc. Looked wonderful. Have also peeked in on several weddings that made me regret that I eloped 38 years ago.

A welcome addition to Jacksonville IMO. And the golf isn't too shabby either :wink: . Robyn

P.S. Just be careful if you are doing a 90th birthday party. I was amazed at how many martinis those older people drank!

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