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Thinking about ordering a cuisinart FP today


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I am thinking about ordering a Cuisinart MP-14 Limited Edition Metal 14 Cup Food Processor MP-14N today. They are having a great sale on them at ikitchens.com (http://www.ekitchengadgets.com/cumpliedme14.html) But their winter sale ends at tonight, so I have to make a decision today.

I like the idea of having the extra capacity that this large unit will provide. My only concern is that it may be TOO big for daily tasks like grinding nuts, or pureeing fruits and vegetables for sauces. If it won't do what I need it to do on a day-to-day basis, then it will basically just be a VERY expensive paperweight taking up precious counter space most of the time. So what I would like is a sense of if it will meet my needs, or if I would really be better off with a smaller one. I am particularly interested in hearing from people who own larger models and what they thing of this issue.

One thing I thing I like is that it comes with a large number of attachments, which I understand can be quite expensive individually:

# Whisk attachment with stainless steel beaters

# Stainless steel medium slicing disc (4 mm)

# Stainless steel medium shredding disc

# Stainless steel chopping/mixing blade

# Metal dough blade

# Small and large pushers

# Detachable disc stem

Thanks for your help,


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Michael, don't know if you saw this thread:


I posted (negatively) about my 14-cup Cuisinart food processor back in 2006, and my opinion hasn't changed. I'll add that I'm not thrilled with the grating attachments, either -- I end up using the grating attachment we bought for our KA mixer instead.

Cuisinarts used to be a good machine, but I believe the company has changed hands and the quality has gone downhill. I'll never buy another one, for sure.

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Thanks for the link to the other thread.

Unfortunately, I was not the only decision maker and the Cuisinart has already been ordered. :(

I feel like we may have jumped the gun a little bit, but we can always return it if we decide it is not going to meet out needs.

Thanks for your response,


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