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  1. Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea, occupying the middle ground between green and black teas. Combining the best qualities of green tea and black tea, Oolong Tea is not only as clear and fragrant as GreenTea, but also as fresh and strong as Black Tea. If you drink Oolong tea, the natural aroma may linger in your mouth and make your throat comfortable. Anxi Ti Kuan Yin is one of the most famous and typical one among all the Oolong tea. With the new Autumn tea, here I show you how Ti Kuan Yin looks step by step by brewing with Gaiwan teapot. Preparation: The best warter for making Ti Kuan Yin is
  2. I've been invited to afternoon tea (pronounced "teh") next week at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. I'm looking forward to this... I checked their website, and I found their tea menu. Any suggestions/advice in preparation for the event? I'm partial to Earl Grey or English Breakfast, no sugar, no cream, maybe a little lemon. Why add to perfection, ehh? Hopefully, I'll post my experience ... with photos. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi All, I'm an espresso freak but my wife loves tea, jasmine in particular. Are there any places online that sell tea that could be given as a gift, maybe packaged in a nice box or something? Thanks for any advice? Joe PS They need to be in bags. Loose tea is not her thing:)
  4. Anyone out there ever use this website www.kyelateas.com to order tea? I'm wondering if they are still in business. The website will take an order, but it never gets processed (ie. I don't get charged and I don't recieve any tea) and my emails to them have not generated a response. I found this odd as I heard about the site recently in a copy of The Art of Eating "resources' section and I am under the impression that the guy who runs the site also writes about darjeeling for AoE. Any info would be appreciated. I just want to order some tea!
  5. I have been enjoying some exquisite Flowery Pekoe white tea I purchased in L.A.'s Chinatown a few weeks ago. It has a subtle but persistent flavor which appeals to the wine lover in me. Today, I thought I'd mix things up a bit by throwing in a small pinch of Lapsang Souchong, hoping to marry the pros of each into an irresistible blend. Big mistake, as those of you who have mixed with LS are probably saying to yourselves. LS is just too overwhelming, and if I were ever to attempt it again, a couple of threads would be all I'd throw in. I am just beginning to explore high-end tea, so my blen
  6. It's getting warmer, and in Springtime a young man's fancy turns to iced coffee. Today I almost achieved iced coffee nirvana. Tall Glass Fill 2/3with leftover extra-strong presspot coffee Add plentiful sweetened condensed milk Add a slug of U-Bet chocolate syrup Add ice Stir Enjoy The two things that would improve on this, as I see it, would be frozen coffee cubes instead of ice, and some of that Ghirardelli chocolate syrup Alacarte pointed out. Some people like to use espresso as the coffee base, but at the volume I drink I'd be getting something like 14 shots per serving. So...? How do yo
  7. On page 42 of the April 2004 issue of Food Arts magazine there's a photo of a really cool looking "layered espresso" created by some guy named Alan Miguel Kaplan. It's in a tall clear glass, and it appears that the drink has milk on the bottom, espresso in the middle, and foam on the top. All it says about how it's made is "By expertly and delicately adding the steamed milk with certain precision, we created the illusion of three different layers."
  8. Okay just finished my 4lb stash from a trip last year comprising of peabery from both UCC and Greenwell farms. Personally felt that Greenwell had a much superior product vs. UCC. Looking to restock, does anyone have any other roaster recommendations, I'm going to just do mail order instead this time round. Might give the Greenwell Special Reserve a go...
  9. I love green tea, but have been primarily enjoying only Japanese teas (Gyukuro being my favourite, and Sencha a close second). Recently, after realizing I know nothing of Chinese green tea and seeing that most of the highend Japanese teas carried by the local supplier are imported from China, I thought I'd try and learn more. I've done a lot of reading on various sites found through Google and learned a bit, but I'd like to here from anyone on here who may be paticularily knowledgable about Chinese green teas. I've recently tried gunpowder for the first time, specifically Osprey Organic Gunp
  10. I know purists that will roast their coffee beans immediately prior to grinding their cup of coffee and drinking it immediately. If a shot of pulled espresso sits around at a Starbucks for more than 30 seconds or a minute, it gets dumped. However, I have a brother-in-law who will walk into my house and if there is cold coffee still sitting in my pot and there are no moldy floaties on top, he'll drink it. As I write this, I'm still sipping on a latte that Shawn made for me when I left for work this morning. He pulled the shots at 7:15 a.m. and it is now 1:30 p.m. I consistently make an entire p
  11. article from the Independent UK So, what exotic tea blends have you tried lately? anything rare and unusual? Pleased beyond expectations? Disappointed in not finding the tea more exotic? Have you broadened your tea drinking tastes lately? or does a cuppa Lipton work just fine for you?
  12. Hardly an original concept for a thread but since our companion thread has folks spending so much time on the dark side.... how about some warm and fuzzy memories of your favorite coffee/espresso experiences? Perhaps it's not really the best cup you've ever really had per se but for whatever reason is very memorable. Mine would have to be back around 1979 or so when my GF spent six months in Colombia South America teaching. She brought back a few vacuum packed pounds of a special grade of Colombian Supremo that was available only for export - much higher quality than what was sold for the lo
  13. hey there....i was thinking about bagged teas last night. (my life isn't particularly stressful) i typically don't buy loose tea, and i use my tea strainer for tisanes, and not traditional tea. in any case...what are your favorites? what tea bags do you keep around on a regular basis? i typically have lipton on hand. of course i like my tea, like my coffee, strong as it possibly can be, and usually i need 2 lipton bags per cup to do that. I've tried twinings - 2 bags per cup as well. One brand i really like is Messner (did i spell that right?) those are one-bag brews - i'm not sure why th
  14. We're just getting into the world of fine teas and enjoying our explorations tremendously. So far favourites (mine) are Koslanda Organic from the Uva area of Sri Lanka and Keemun Hao Ya "A". L leans towards Chinese Kwai Flower Oolong. We have some Darjeeling Whyte (sic) tea and I'm somewhat at a loss as to how to brew it. I've looked up several tea sites on the web and come up with brewing times of anywhere from 2-3 minutes to 7 minutes. chd also mentions in a post on another thread that the ideal way to brew white tea is to steep it overnight at room temp. So... I'm totally confused. Any sugg
  15. I drink both tea and coffee- I appreciate the separating tea and coffee out as a special group of its own- I will be traveling to Fort Lauderdale and would like suggestions/recommendations for tea! Joanne
  16. It's true. Heated frothed milk can be simply that or it can be an entirely different substance with not only a different viscosity, mouthfeel and sweetness but the capability for blending with espresso in a manner that yields a drink quite unlike the run-of-the-mill capuccino or latte most folks have ever experienced. I'll quote myself (from the Latte Art Video section of my own web site) as a place to start the discussion: Schomer has a good article on these techniques at his Espresso Vivace website Milk Texturing Basics I have also found the free pdf tutorial offered by Gimme! Coffee to be
  17. "Msk" posed a good question in another thread and I believe it deserves some space of its own for discussion.... Wow. This is wide open and there are so many. Plenty more are sure to be forthcoming but here's what I look for and want to know.... ==================================================== What To Look For: 1) Is the portafilter being left in the grouphead of the espresso machine when it's not in use? The thermal mass of the brass portafilter asembly is crucial in retaining heat so the brewing temp does not drop off as the water is forced through the grounds. If you walk into a cafe
  18. My friend sent me some Chinese tea called Songxiang tea. Has anybody drunk this kind of tea? It's the first time I've heard of this tea.
  19. My wife is a huge fan of Kroger's Private Slection Sweet Cinnamon Spice Tea, see http://www.privateselection.com/artisan-products/gourmet-beverages/teas/sweet-cinnamon-spice-tea-caffeine-free/. The label indicates that the tea comprises cinnamon, ginger root, rosehip, organge peel, and peppermint. Would any of you be able to share a more detailed recipe for this blend? Thx.
  20. I hear a lot of talk about the amount of caffeine in the second steeping of tea, and I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the hard research data on the subject. A number of sites deal with this issue and I will eventually list more. But this is a good place to start the discussion http://39steeps.blogspot.com/2009/07/tea-myth-busted-90-of-caffeine-comes.html
  21. I brew coffee, tea and cocoa beans. Seeking suggestions on suppliers of quality flavorings - examples: almond, vanilla, mint. caramel, coconut, pineapple etc. Most of what I find has an overwhelming taste of alcohol, glycerin or artificial flavorings or sweeteners - or just plainly too much sweet, not much added flavor....really not crazy about anything too sweet. Can anyone make any recommendations? perhaps part of the problem is most of what I find is intended to flavor either baked goods or snowcones! LOL thank you.
  22. Hello all, I'm starting an online tea store and would appreciate your input. What could we do to ensure you had an exceptional experience every time you shopped there? Thank you!
  23. The other week I was poking around on Aliexpress for tea, and I came across an appealing looking assortment of samples. 30something varieties for somewhere around $7.50. Seemed it was worth the risk. It finally arrived. I intend to taste my way through these and share my notes here.
  24. Kyle Stewart at The Cultured Cup is providing their new "Lemon Myrtle Rooibos" for this Tea (Tisane to be more accurate) Tasting & Discussion. Kyle is providing 10 gram samples to me and three other members of the eGullet Society. The three free samples are reserved for members who have never received free samples for any previous Tea Tasting & Discussion and who also agree to the following. The three free samples are available to members who 1) will do at least two brewing sessions from the sample, 2) will report on their experience and participate in the discussion within 7 days of r
  25. My local NPR station is promoting a feature story on tea trading to air tomorrow (9-16-09) during the Morning Edition show. It will most likely be available on their website later.
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