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  1. oh, I forgot to mention Postcard Teas! http://www.postcardteas.com/ ps I was also impressed with "Tea" near St. Paul http://www.wearetea.com/contact.php And at the National Portrait Gallery.. Hotel teas are a whole other story... I found the one in Claridge's excellent.
  2. Tea rooms - for me most important is good selection of teas well prepared. So in addition to Tea Palace and Yauatcha already mentioned, I would add Tea Smith http://www.teasmith.co.uk/ outstanding teas! Another approach is to focuse on the patiserrie etc but I would still want a good level of tea - even if not the highest as in the above three places. Consider the tea at the Wolsley.
  3. To follow on a posting above: Here are some additional short reviews in this on going project of tea places in New York. The Bo Niles book mentioned above (The New York Book of Tea, 3d edition), is now joined by Elizabeth Knight's excellent Tea in the City – New York, published recently as part of a series that will also feature Paris and London. A wonderful resources from which I learned there are now about 30 specialist tea houses in Manhattan alone, in addition to about 16 hotel tea services. So here are the additions to this list. 16. Cha-An, 230 E. 9th Street (btwn. 2nd and 3rd Ave), Tel
  4. In the Februrary issue of Wine and Gourment magazine in Israel (only offline, only Hebrew) I published a story about tea in general and in Israel in particular. You can find some of the info here http://stratsplace.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=10487
  5. Enjoy: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/664394.html
  6. Caves Petrissans, 30 bis Avenue Niel, Paris 17 , tel 01 42 27 52 03- Wine bar and wine shop. Very symapthetic! Owned by a couple, the woman speaks English. Upstairs is a wonderful winebar. In the cellar - many wines for sale. You cannot see them, but you ask for the list and they will bring them from the cellar. A wonderful place.
  7. Yes I want to visit Cha An, I dined at its sister operation Soba-ya across the street and got interested. Will do so next time (although I do not think I am allowed in the ladies'... I hope the men's room is as interesting...!).
  8. Mariage Freres, in Paris, I have been to the Marias and Left Bank branches, is I think the ultimate tea house... Babington's Tea House in Rome, near the Spanish Steps, is quite an institution, very different, but worth visiting... New York has a suprisingly (or not) big number of tea houses. My favorites at the moment are Wild Lily and the tea service in the Kai restaurant located above the wonderful (and pricey) Ito En tea store. A great resource is The New York Book of Tea (3rd edition) by Bo Niles (Universe, New-York, 2003 Here is my review of tea houses in New York visited in 2004-5: 1. T
  9. For the record - we ate there under Thierry Voisin in the fall of 2004. It was our first meal there. The meal was outstanding - and I thought it was deserving of the full three stars. We chatted with Thierry Voisin who was so friendly. It was a great experience - one of the best dining experiences I've had. I am so sorry to hear about this change. Uncalled for!
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