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  1. Has anyone either installed a new thermostat or upgraded one on a Francisfrancis X5? Or, for that matter, know of anyone who has? Mine is going, the boiler is cycling on and off every second in the espresso mode, and taking about three times greater than normal to reach steam temperature. I searched the net this afternoon with little luck specific to this model and learned after calling Illy, that the minimum charge will be $100 just to look at it. And that doesn't include the parts that they won't sell to individuals. I found a posting online that refered to a group of finatic X5ers that
  2. I read this here: I've check Vitamin Cottage (the local chain of health food stores) and searched online. Looks like Matcha is pretty hard to come by -- I was only able to find VitaLife offering it and/or some Japanese brand of tea. Anybody know where to get matcha?
  3. A wonderful thing happened today. Cafe Kubal opened in Eastwood, a neighborhood of Syracuse. Four blocks from our house. They're doing small batches of coffee in a 1904 roaster and serving a nice, basic set of coffee drinks and teas. They also serve pastries that are made by some Austrian guy in Geneva, NY. To get those pastries, they bring coffee beans to a customer in Weedsport and this person, who goes regularly from the Geneva pastry-maker's place to Weedsport, hands over pastries. Because Cafe Kubal is run by it's owners, the cafe is able to cater to local tastes, pay attention to
  4. Coffee, a well-established source of antioxidants, may also be a richer source of soluble dietary fiber than orange juice, researchers in Spain have reported. Source
  5. Here's the article on MSN: "Bad buzz: Chinese bloggers bash Starbucks" Starbucks bashing isn't new. But that it's happening in China is new.
  6. Reading a thread on another forum about why Reidel glasses make such a difference in tasting wine got me to thinking... Does the shape of my coffee cup affect how I taste the coffee? Is there an optimal shape, or different shapes based on the bean?
  7. anyone notice any trends in coffee drinking, making, roasting, enjoying, wherever you are living? should i know about it? tell me all......
  8. I used to use a flannel drip filter (like a flannel tea-strainer), then they went out of fashion and I couldn't buy a new one. Recently my local coffee shop owner assured me that they need to be stored wrung-out, in the fridge. They do??
  9. I have a very old design 'La Signora' caffettiera and it needs a new rubber seal. Does anyone know of anywhere online that supplies replacement parts for stove top coffee makers? This coffee pot is a thing of real beauty (and makes a good cup of coffee) and I'm loathe to throw it out when the seal finally falls apart. Thanks.
  10. On another eGullet Thread We were discussing an "aquired taste" of baked goods made in the new silicone backware. I mentioned that I didn't like drinking coffee from styrofoam cups, even though it isn't logical. Does anyone else feel this way? SB
  11. We truly like are little Yama vacuum pot and now that they (and the larger version) are being imported again, we look forward to many more years of well brewed Intelligentsia coffees -- BUT -- for some reason, we're getting much less life out of our filters than used to be true. The last one was only in two weeks before we saw a severe slowdown in returning to the pot. With a fresh filter, this takes only about 2 minutes, but that last filter was running 6-7 min. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas about what's going on? We're hooked on Intelligentsia coffees, but frequently try new offer
  12. I'm not a coffee drinker in any way. Too bitter (to me) unless enough sugar and cream is added to render it not coffee any longer. Because I'm not a big fan, I don't have a coffee maker of any sort in my kitchen. I have a jar of instant that gets pulled out when I need some for cooking purposes, but that's it. I'm having friends visit from out of town next week, and it dawned on me that they do enjoy coffee. I don't want them to have to stumble out the door first thing in the morning, headed for the local Starbucks, and feel it would be good to actually have the means to make something other t
  13. A topic on another thread branched off into This Discussion which I thought might be of interest here? We're not talking about the "bottomless cup" at the Country Kitchen, or a Maple Macchiato at Starbucks, but good coffee as an after dinner beverage in a fine restaurant. This question is, should a free refill be offered/expected? I feel it's a nice and appreciated gesture, while another opinion is that it somehow cheapens the experience. (pardon me if I didn't state that position clearly) While we're at it, what would you expect to pay for a cup of coffee in this circumstance? Also, could
  14. So sorry to generalize, but I'm assuming all of France is like this. I know every place in Paris was. To a certain extent, the coffee (non-laced version) in Amsterdam was the same, but not as good. How do they brew in France? It was like heaven for me. I use a French Press in the morning, but it doesn't do it justice. It's something they do with the milk...I don't know. Needless to say, I can't recreate it. And it's not espresso (I don't think) or anything like that. I loved it and I can't make it? Why? ....
  15. Can anyone tell me if Caribou coffee is a Muslim owned company? I have an arguement to settle.
  16. Ouch. Talk about world domination. The 'bucks is currently expecting to have 14,000 stores worldwide by the end of 2006 and has now upped their estimate for long range plans to a level 10,000 stores more than they had previously projected. Starbucks Expansion Plans The bizarre aspect of this - to my thinking - is that half of the new stores will be in the US. That makes for 18,000 additional Starbucks in the US. I guess the old standup comic's joke (was it Carlin who said it?) about opening a Starbucks inside a Starbucks was not too far off. It's both bad news and good news for independe
  17. "Starbucks Raises Prices of Coffee Drinks" No big deal? Or will this impact your coffee buying habits?
  18. Hey all, this is my first time on this part of the forum. Im looking for some insight on a basic, reasonably affordable combo type machine that can do both regular coffee and espresso. Does such a machine exist? Does the quality suffer with these types of machines? Any info would be appreciated. Cheers!
  19. So, I'm catering a wedding for 60 people out of my home kitchen (more details available in the special occasions forum). Anyway, they want coffee. I know that those huge percolator urns are cheap and easy, but how's the coffee they make? I am a bit of a coffee geek and I don't want to serve crappy coffee. So far I have no plans to cater any other large parties, so I don't want to invest a lot of money in equipment. Is there any other way?
  20. Hi everyone. I'm pretty much a newbie around here. I've been lurking for quite a while- mainly at the Pastry and Baking forums- and decided to join recently. That being said, my goal is to open a small bakery in a couple of years. Currently I bake/decorate cakes/cookies and would like to expand that into a bakery. I want to be able to serve coffee/espresso/etc. and have no clue about it. I don't generally drink coffee- maybe a latte or something here and there- but I know nothing on the subject. I need to be pointed in the right direction- where can I get started with the basics, and then mo
  21. Most of the week I drink coffee out of a paper cup with one of those corrugated slip on holders but on the weekend I prefer a substantial classic diner coffee mug. I have two. One came from the Split Rock Lighthouse Minnesota State Park and says "History matters, Minnesota Historical Society". The other is from the University of Wyoming. Note the cowboy on the bucking bronco. What's yours?
  22. Recently, Busboy started a provocative thread inspired by the experience of being an American Abroad during a grueling heat wave: The French and Ice. He commented on reactions to his family's requests for ice in their drinks and the scarcity of ice-making machines they took for granted back home. It made me think about other distinctions between the foodways of European and U.S. natives, and in particular, the way we take our coffee. We all drink Italian-style coffees now, if in paper cups at inappropriate hours of the day. However, I for one, never put sugar in my cappuccino or the coffee I
  23. I am in high hopes that you fine folks will be able to help me out. We are opening an auction house. Per our counties health codes for us to sell coffee it has to be vended from a machine where we have no contact with the brewing process. I was hoping to get a Starbucks Icup Star but alas Starbucks told me there is no way we will do enough volume to make it an option. Other coffee services have turned me down for the same reason. So we are going to have to purchase a machine of some sort. All we want is something that brews back reg/decaf. I am completely lost and to be honest the Starbucks r
  24. We are looking for a new drip coffee machine with a thermal carafe. Here's the problem - it looks like the best of the easily-available models is the Capresso MT500. However, nearly every review I've read says that if you do not line things up exactly between the filter and the carafe, you'll have coffee all over the counter. Being caffeine junkies, I don't know that that kind of precision is possible before actually getting a cup or two in the system..... So is the problem really that bad? The others we were considering was the newer Capresso ST600, and the Bunn 10-cup thermal model. The T
  25. I'm curious what your sources are for learning about the latest coffee beans to try. I begain reading The Coffee Review (http://www.coffeereview.com/) a few years ago and was struck at the time that coffee beans are much like wine in that there can be significant year-to-year variations in the taste and overall quality of a given bean, from a given region, imported and roasted by a particular company. The Coffee Review reviews beans as they come on the market, and it's been fun to try a few of the things they have recommended (but I'm not always excited about shipping costs...) Most of the ti
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