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  1. There is also a Whole Foods in Boca, which has just been enlarged. I could spend the day there.
  2. Padrino's, a Cuban restaurant (Boca); Bellaggio, Italian (City Place in West Palm); Mykonos, located on the water (Boca); Sundy House, my personal favorite, in a lush tropical setting (in Del Ray - a town north of Boca); The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant (Boca).These are but a few. All are lovely.
  3. For "mazarines", you can use small tart pans. This recipe uses a short dough as well, an almond paste filling, and sugar topping. I am told you can also use those little round disposable foil baking tins.
  4. We were at the Sundy house last week. It's as lovely as ever, and the food was fresh, flavorful, and plentiful! We sat outside in the gazebo with the tropical foliage surrounding us.
  5. Yeah, I've seen them too but wasn't sure that's what the recipe was referring to. I'm not a great fan of Godiva...
  6. OK then. I have some really nice hot chocolate powder I bought in Stresa. Guess I could use that. Cool, add ice, and blend.
  7. I have been asked to make Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate for a party. The recipe calls for "3 Godiva Flowers", both black and white. What are these, and about how much does each one weigh? I want to be as close to the original recipe as possible. Thanks!
  8. I have used the amaretti to made an indescribable and decadent cheesecake from a Maida Heatter cookbook. I also crumbled them to make a Michael Chiarello "no bake" cookie ( butter, cocoa powder, some confectioners sugar, the cookies, amaretto), Piedmonte style.
  9. Thanks Alanamoana! I was thinkng along the lines of the Plush Puffs crunchy toppings.
  10. I want to top a batch of marshmallows with caramelized cocoa nibs. My question(s)- At what point should I put the nibs on top of the marshmallows? If I plop the slab on top of a layer of nibs, won't there be cornstarch/sugar all over them? If I wait until they are cut, what's to keep the nibs from falling off the marshmallows?? Thanks for your advice!
  11. I found a great recipe last year for an apple cranberry torte. It has an oatmeal crust that envelopes the sides of the cake. It uses a can of whole berry cranberry sauce, so if you're a purist you probably won't like that. It came from a lovely book entitled, Kosher By Design. Or Kosher By Design Entertains. Well, it's either one or the other. Very easy, and therapeutic to make with all the chopping and pressing. It was a hit on Thanksgiving. Sorry about your mom. Hang in there.
  12. Rosa Mexicana has a really good raspberry salsa recipe, but it's a dessert salsa. It includes a pint of raspberries, guajillo chiles, chocolate chips, pecans and dried fruits.
  13. And this is the Rice Pudding Cheesecake (from Rosa Mexicana) for the second dessert. I've been dying to make this ever since I found the recipe. Very unusual!
  14. Here is the Bittersweet Mexican Torte I made for our book club yesterday.
  15. You're welcome. The pics don't do the cookie justice-- it's much uglier than that. Enjoy!
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