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  1. Thanks so much for starting this thread. It's really fun. Just for you, the bread before it's baked, and then rows and rows of it in that huge oven. The peel was 12 feet long.
  2. If I could, I would move back to the north of Spain for the seafood. I've lived in Maine, and the lobster there is undeniably the best in the world. But overall, I'd trade it for the fish, the seafood, and the giant barnacles (percebes) that I was eating there as a poor person back in the day.
  3. You do my heart good. My son was recently one of those artisan bakers, in Petaluma. He's a double graduate of the CIA. You don't need a personal chef, do you? Don't know if he'd leave Santa Barbara for that, though!
  4. I know someone who knows someone, etc... who knows the owner of the Sojourner Cafe in Santa Barbara. I'd love to know anyone's opinion of it. What's right with it, what's wrong? I hear they have a CIA grad in there now (which may or may not be of benefit... one never knows with them) and possibly a second one on the way. In another thread from 2006 there was mention of a problem with the "labor pool" in SB being so shallow, SB could never have restaurants with more than one star. How many CIA grads does it take in a small town like this to improve the labor pool?
  5. Soup is a great way to use up celery. I joined a CSA and ended up with tons of weird vegetables. I started by slowly caramelizing a bunch of onions, adding some garlic and maybe fresh sausage to that. Let it get really dark. In the meantime, prep your vegetables and start heating stock. I cheat most the time and buy a quality chicken stock at the store. Start throwing your vegetables in the stock so that they cook for the correct amount of time. If you're using a long-cooking grain, throw some of that in early. Celery can be sauteed with the onions or thrown right in the hot stock. Keep those
  6. No, this is not the "feh" museum, this is the one and only Jell-O Museum in Le Roy, New York. Folks, it may not be food but, admit it, you have probably eaten this stuff and chances are, there was a time in your life when you actually loved it. Okay, maybe if you grew up in mid-century USA. What other "food" could bind together, in a bright green sheen, the following ingredients (taken directly from a recipe my mother used often): mayonnaise, cream cheese, cottage cheese, onions, celery, cucumbers, garlic powder, cashews Admit it, you are just dying to try this, aren't you? The real joy of th
  7. Now that I really have enough vacpots to keep me going for many years of inevitable breakage, I'm turning my attentions to a hand grinder. I like the idea of not using electricity when I can get a good workout in the morning instead (we've stopped using our dryer, too!), and sometimes I just don't want to make so much noise early in the morning. It appears that the Zassenhaus is really the only one I should take at all seriously. So I'm looking at old ones on eBay. Anyone using one of these grinders? What's your experience with it? Do you have an old one or a new one? Should I take my chances
  8. Lonnie

    The Clover

    I tried Clover coffee at Velouria Espresso in Jamaica Plain (Boston) last winter. While it was delicious, I have to agree that it was missing some of the "oompf" that I, personally, enjoy in my home vacpot or a French press anywhere. I have to wonder how the average cafe could ever make their money back with this machine. But perhaps there are enough cafes doing enough volume to make this a worthwhile investment. A cafe owner could buy an awful lot of presses for the price of one of those machines. The labor for the press: is it that much more than for the Clover?
  9. Here you can actually watch a practical joke in process. Okay, so it's staged. But it is truly telling: I meant to post this on the "new person in the kitchen practical jokes" thread, but for the life of me couldn't find it. Lonnie
  10. Yikes! Son Scott dodged a bullet perhaps? He had a choice between Cafe Gray and Eleven Madison Park and went with the latter, where he's doing the mignardises. His former dorm-mate went to Cafe Gray. I mean, she was just hired there! Where will Kunz go next? Or do restaurants typically hire people when they're about to go completely out of business?
  11. I've made a lot of flans of various types. Yes, it's cracking because of the difference in temperature. But that has never made any difference to my flans. Sitting in the wet, warm loveliness of the baking custard has always softened it up quite nicely and I always get that bit of runny caramel in which it sits once you've upended it onto a plate. Do you use water when you make the custard, or do you just melt the sugar? I like the caramel almost burnt. Anyone else? Lonnie
  12. Well, he ended up going to New York. He's at Eleven Madison Park doing the mignardises. It's tough getting used to that amount of repetitive work, but he's determined to stay and learn. Still.... where in Portland should he go if he opts out of New York at some point? Lonnie
  13. My son, about to be a dual graduate (culinary and baking/pastry) from the CIA, is considering working here. Should he? He works incredibly hard and wants to learn, learn, learn. Any tips on surviving financially and/or otherwise in NYC for an upstate-bred young man? Lonnie
  14. My son, about to graduate with a second degree from the CIA, cut his culinary education teeth at Job Corps, a federal program that, as he described it, is like a cross between the military and prison. It was exactly what he needed. He wrote the following story down for me recently, about a trick he played early in his Job Corps career: So it was vegetable day for me – I had to do different cooking techniques for vegetables. So I decided to make a fried portobello mushroom sandwich with grilled zucchini, eggplant and red peppers or something like that with a jack cheese and sun-dried tomato tap
  15. I'm cleaning house and am ready to dispose of 22 Spain Gourmetour magazines dating back to 1993. I can't bear to just dump them. Any ideas as to what I should do with them? Lonnie
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