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  1. as a local guy, i'd be very interested in checking your setup out and doing what i can to help.
  2. i went to uva and vandy....i know all about those types of girls!
  3. as a hoo, i am not too confident in this season. that usc game is not going to be pretty. i may try and make it down to the ga tech game, but i don't know if that will happen. it's a lot easier to follow my dores since i stayed in nashville after graduating from law school. i hope you have fun in c'ville! lan, any suggestions for trips to ole miss? i'm probably going down for the vandy/ole miss game this year since i'll be in memphis on fri for work and it's a short drive down. looking forward to tailgating at the grove and checking out the campus. any dining suggestions or must sees?
  4. we're getting our season tix this week for vandy - some pretty good home games this year (south carolina, auburn, florida, tennessee). i think we may try and go down to oxford for the ole miss game and possibly atlanta for the uva/ga tech game. i went to uva for college, and it's a lot easier to get to atlanta than c'ville for games. not sure what we're doing for tailgating this year, if anything. vandyville still leaves something to be desired and i guarantee i won't be able to get spot in lot A.
  5. is it possible for you to give a little insight as to why you travel to nashville so often? are you doing consulting work with cracker barrel or something along those lines? also, if you're staying at the hermitage, you might want to chek out rae's for lunch (http://raesgourmet.com/) it's on union, about 30 steps from the hermitage. i recommend any of the following, in the followign order: black and blue beastie boy hot brown wicked chicken monte cristo i work in the boa building across the street and it's one of my lunchtime staples.
  6. dinner: the acorn cabana germantown cafe tayst radius 10 or watermark (haven't been to either) drinks: no idea, i rarely drink or go out. there's some new place called lime. might be worth checking out. breakfast: pancake pantry loveless cafe bongo java/fido monell's (on the weekend) lunch: hog heaven rotier's sportsman's grill monell's if you have time and are looking for the best bbq in the area, head out to martin's bbq joint in nolensville. the owner is an egullet person (bighoss) and his food is excellent.
  7. for cajun and creole, i have two books to recommend: 1) the prudhomme book you listed 2) the encyclopedia of cajun and creole cuisine the encyclopedia of cajun and creole cuisine by john d. folse as for other regional books: low country cooking chesapeake bay cooking tex-mex red and green chile cookbooks (the red one is linked on this page) also, check out jasper white books for new england food. while not necessarily encyclopedic in nature, i've enjoyed a number of junior league books - namely the junior league of covington, louisiana's roux to do. hopefully that will get you started.
  8. get the "grill cook's medley" at pancake pantry with pancakes and a side of cheese grits. you won't eat the rest of the day.
  9. if you're coming to nashville, you might want to check out pat martin's bbq in nolensville and make a side trip over to kix brooks' arrington vineyards in arrington, tn. pat posts here as big hoss, and is currently in memphis for memphis in may (on the peg leg porker team). also, based on your location in bfe, you might want to consider heading further west to the triangle of bbq south of jackson. there's a whole oral history project on the southern foodways alliance website about it.
  10. his hot sauce is ridiculously hot. i can't eat it in my "old" age.
  11. i just went again today. awesome as usual.
  12. 1) doesn't seem any different than going to a fondue place or korean bbq 2) just to say i've been there in case someone asks 3) i don't always feel like waiting an hour + to eat at loveless (after driving out there) or pancake pantry. the service at le peep has gone downhill. monell's saturday breakfast hours aren't necessarily in line with my weekend schedule.
  13. I can't think of anything new in and around the sommet center. then again, i'm of the opinion that downtown is basically a wasteland outside of merchant's and sole mio. if you've not had a chance to go to rae's gourmet for lunch, you might want to consider it. the wicked chicken, black & bleu, hot brown, and beastie boy are all quite good. i believe i suggested pat martin's bbq joint in nolensville, back during the cfb season. if you didn't go last time, go this time! he's a poster here (big hoss), and it is quite good imho. over in east nashville, there's a new sweet shop called sweet 16th, which might provide something to snack on back at the hotel or on the ride home. the cupcakes change daily, iirc. i may try this relatively new breakfast place this weekend called pfunky griddle
  14. you mean besides chinese food? probably won't be a lot of options outside of hotels and stuff like that. monell's is probably sold out, too (and more than what you'd be looking for in terms of quantity of food).
  15. Holly, The lady i spoke with said they start the process on jan 1 and let them age until 10/1 at the earliest. Why 10/1? Because that's when they open the store. If you happen to make a trip to Nashville next fall, I'll take you out there. Oh, and if you come back to update "eating the south: tennessee," you should definitely check out pat martin's bbq joint in nolensville. he posts here under the name big hoss, and has a blog.
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