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Found 595 results

  1. Hurricane. Surprisingly smooth. Good kick afterwards, though they don't quite give you the "fuzz" of St Ides or Colt 45. I'd give it big props for offering both small mouth and the god awful big mouth versions. For $1.50-$1.75/40 oz, there's no better deal in America than the Slurricane. In Canada, during a ski trip last winter, our group became addicted to these forties called Labatt Wildcats. We were completely amazed that they were even rated by strength, so that some of the girls or weaker drinkers could stick to the lower alcohol grades, such as wildcat strong force or wildcat sevens (if they felt like partying). The big-time drinkers stepped right up to the wildcat tens. I wish they had these in the States. Refeshing, and easy on the wallet.
  2. Found at State Line in Elkton, MD yesterday: Avery Brewing's The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest. Yes, an imperial oktoberfest.
  3. They're HERE! The beverage store shelves are starting to show this season's Oktoberfest beers, and it's a wonderful time of the year. SO far I've grabbed sixers of local Flying Fish Oktoberfish (had a glorious glassful of the stuff at Philly's Grey Lodge Pub the other night, and baby, it's a winner) and Lowebrau's Oktoberfestbier, and am planning to sample them tonight in our weekly beer chat on www.starchat.net (click on StarPirch, Channels, the "No Bull Inn") at approx 11:30 EST. Tasting notes to follow..... So what have you found out there, Oktoberfest-wise? Tasting notes, please!
  4. here it is from their website, of course ... This is supposed to be the newest breakthrough in offering beer to one's guests ... it does have a certain appeal and from their "press" it is catching on .... visually appealing? will not break during everyday use ... Seen one? Hope you never do? Think it has any merit? Feedback?
  5. So, I'm on the home stretch of a rather lengthy, and career deciding application: medical school. All I'm doing right now is sitting at home putting in some drudge work to finalize it. But, it's also ~10:20 a.m. and I'm just about ready to start my second beer. What is too early to start drinking beer, and why? I think the earliest I've ever started in was about 7:30 a.m. when I was camping... unless you count a few times when I saw the sun come up 'cos I was still at the beer. No, mothers, this is not a healthy or socially acceptible topic. Moderator, kill it if it's not appropriate.
  6. OK, so I'm in Longmont, CO, for business. After the drive from the Denver Airport up to Longmont, my co-worker Rich and I get settled in to our hotel rooms and then go set up our classroom. Hunger pangs hit so it's time for lunch. We head over to the Pumphouse brewpub in downtown Longmont. Lunch consisted of a Santa Fe burger for me and a Reuben sandwich for Rich. Both were very delicious. We washed them down with IPA and Amber ales, again all beers were very delicious. Following lunch we made the obligatory trek up to Fort Collins to worship at the grotto of New Belgium Brewery. We took the brief tour then bellied up to the bar for the tasting of the beers. Good sized samples of Fat Tire, Blue Paddle Pils, 1554, and Transatlantique Kriek were enjoyed. We were also treated to samples of La Folie, Bier de Mars, an IIPA that is available for tasting only at the brewery, and a blended beer that was made for the employees Christmas party, a blend of La Folie and pomegranate and raspberry juices. I didn't want to leave! But alas, Odell's Brewing beckoned! We made the short drive to Odell's and sampled just a few of their brews. (unlike New Belgium, we had to pay for the privilege of drinking at Odell's!) Ft. Collins Brewing (formerly HC Berger) called out to us, but I had a dinner invitation with an old friend so I needed to get back to Longmont. While at my friend's house for dinner, I got to quaff several beers from Lefthand Brewery. Tuesday night took Rich and I into and through Boulder to do some shopping, but man does not live by shoes alone, so we did stop at the local Gordon Biersch for dinner and some beers. We both decided on the meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and we were not disappointed. To wash the food down I first had the very tasty Schwartzbier and Rich had the Winterbock. We followed those with a Martzen for me and Rich had another Winterbock. All beers were crisp, clean, aromatic and full of flavor. That brings us to Wednesday. Enroute to Boulder the previous night I noticed the sign for Redstone Meadery, but they were closed. (tasting room hours are M-F 3:30 - 6:30) So, we decided to hit the meadery on Wednesday afternoon. Boy, am I glad we did! The tasting consisted of 1 oz shots of 6-8 meads, and they were some of the best meads I've had in a long time! Traditional mead, metheglins with Juniper berries, and vanilla and cinnamon, pyments both white and red, and delicious melomels both sparkling and still. I purchased 4 bottles which they were able to ship home for me. They also honor the AHA membership card by giving a 10% discount. On my way out, I asked if there was a brewpub close by. I was directed to Rockies, one of the oldest brewpubs in the country being established in 1979. When we entered Rockies, we were greeted by a party in full force! Turns out Rockies was celebrating their rebirth into their former entity, Boulder Brewing! And all the beer was FREE until 7:30pm! Not just the beer, but also a sizable buffet spread was available for partiers! I quickly ordered the IPA, Hazed and Infused, and made my way to the buffet. Between gulps of the Cascade/Chinook/Centennial hopped beer I filled my plate with Bratwurst, chicken wings, Filet Mignon sandwiches, and slabs of smoked trout! The sandwich and the trout were unbelievably wonderful! So was the beer! I ordered another beer, the Mojo, their Amarillo hopped APA. MMMMMM! Hop burps were prevalent tonight! I sidled up to the Brewer, David, who took us on a quick tour of the premises. Along the way he allowed me a taste of their still aging Barleywine. It seems to be an English variety and not as hoppy as I would have expected, but still quite tasty. Back to the tasting room for more beer, a very delightful Porter and then the Scotch ale. The Scotch ale had big time malt and smoke from peated malt! This beer is a winner! But, as 7:30 approached I wanted another hop fix so I ordered up another Hazed and Infused. What a wonderful surprise this was! Free beer and food, and it was some of the best beer and tastiest food I've had! BTW, while in the tasting room at Boulder Brewing I ran into Gary Glass and Kate Porter from the AHA! I had a nice visit with them and they invited me to visit the AHA offices on Thursday. This was a great beer day! The Redstone meadery tasting room is a must visit if you are in this area and the Boulder Brewery should also be on your list. Be sure to tell them that Bob from OKC sent you!
  7. cdh

    Southern Tier brews

    Recently I stopped at Shangy's and picked up a variety case from the Southern Tier Brewing Co. of Lakewood, NY. So far I'm impressed with what I got. The case had a six pack each of IPA Porter Belgian Trippel Phin & Matt's Excellent Ale The house style appears to favor a fuller bodied, maltier beer with an aggressive hopping... but the residual sugars from the malt balance the hoppiness. Once I'm seated in front of each of the beers I'll report on the specifics, but having tried one of each at this point, I'll recommend them. Anybody else tried beers from these guys? Opinions?
  8. Back in college, a local shot and a beer bar (patronized by the locals,not the college kids) started to draw a college crowd by selling $1.00 imported bottles every Wednesday night. Trying a bunch of these beers is what got me into the beer thing. After running through the list at the bar ($1.00 for a big Paulaner Hefeweizen?!?!), we found out about a liquor store across the river which had a wine and beer cellar. Every few weeks, we'd go to the store and buy a six pack of whatever beers we had never heard of. When I saw the hang tag on the Samichlaus (World's Strongest Beer!) and Thomas Hardy's (Rarest Beer in thr World!), we HAD to buy them. I knew nothing about beer at the time other than, "It tastes good," or "This sucks!" I read the label on the Hardy's, which explained that the beer could be aged for twenty five years. I drank one and thought, "Strong, dark, sweet...I'm not sure about this one." I don't think I liked it, but it didn't suck, either. So, I put the remaining bottles in a paper bag, took the bag home and put it in the closet. Somehow, the bag didn't get thrown away and I got it back when my mother gave me one of her many "Whatever you don't take out of the house this weekend gets thrown out next trash day" edicts. I decided that the holiday weekend would be a good time to try one of my two remaining bottles of this beer. I shared it with my cousin, who homebrews and worked as an assistant brewer at a now defunct microbrewery in PA. We cracked it open last night. Wow! Eighteen year old beer! Intense chocolate, toffee and raisin aromas. Most, if not all, of the carbonation had dissipated over the years. It was intensely sweet and viscous, no noticeable hops. I was amazed that a beer could hold up this long. So now I'm down to one little bottle. I think I'll wait until 2006, it's 20th birthday.
  9. I may have an hour or two to kill tomorrow night in FLL. Are there any bars of note with good beer selections? I didn't see anything on pubcrawler.com that jumped out at me.
  10. There's been some issues with opening the Friday night beer chat session on StarChat, the No Bull Inn. StarChat limits "unregistered" rooms to five participants. Right now, it appears I'm the only one who knows how to register rooms, and if I get there too late, only five people get in. So here's how to register the room. Do what I do every week, and go to StarChat's Help page and read it. StarChat Help page You'll have to have a registered nickname: if you don't, there's instruction there on how to do that, too. It's not easy, but it's not too difficult, either. You have to open the room first, and then go back to the initial screen and register it. StarChat is a clunky system, but it does what we want it to, so... Hope this helps!
  11. Here's an interesting article about the revival of growing and using NY hops. I always like the idea of reviving old ideas or traditions of the past. After all, Great Lakes Brewing Company opened its doors in what was once the heart of Cleveland's brewery industry and with the city's still-original-with-the-building and oldest mahogany bar.
  12. I've been advised by more than one English person that Guinness mixed half-and-half with Champagne is called a Black & Tan. However, there are some people, of various origins including English, who insist that the half-and-half Guinness/Champagne drinkie is a Black Velvet. Both are nice enough names. But which is correct? I don't want to be calling my drink by the wrong name tonight right in front of the beef braised in Guinness and the salad with Irish cream dressing and the brown soda bread, do I.
  13. Darwin's in Chicago has some cool ideas with selling those microbrews. Highlight "blurb" here. I've seen those champagne stems in the stores during the holidays and thought they'd be rather inconvenient for guests. (They cannot put them down anywhere....) But quite clever for their restaurant! And that Beer Float sounds fantastic!!! Cheers!
  14. ARMY OFFICER CREATES DRINKING GAME COLUMBUS, Ga. (Wireless Flash) -- The market for new drinking games has almost dried up lately but an army officer in Columbus, Georgia, hopes to quench the thirst of guzzling gamers. 31-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Steve Vann is one of the creators of "Bulyah," a new drinking board game that he says was inspired after he got bored playing beer games like "Quarters." Players of Bulyah must travel around a board trying to collect enough letters to spell "Bulyah" -- but landing on some squares forces players to do humiliating acts such as shouting "I'm stupid!" every time they take a drink. To make sure the game was fun to play, Vann says he tested the game on boozehounds and discovered that while it can be fun without being blitzed, "alcohol does improve the game." ***1/2; www.bulyah.com Also at Spencer's Gifts
  15. MHesse

    game from Labbats

    click here to play
  16. Hands down the best annual beer event in Philadelphia happens when the calendar graces craft beer enthusiasts with a Friday the 13th. Some years there are actually more than one, and for that those same enthusiasts are doubly and triply grateful. But this year, we are blessed early in the Philly area, and Mike Scotese (Scoats), owner/publican of the Grey Lodge Public House (www.greylodge.com, but you know that) has outdone himself. For the first time, 14 firkins of real, gravity-poured brews will grace the Grey Lodge bar, served up in two sessions on this, the eleventh Friday The Firkinteenth: Brewers Art Pepper Triple, Baltimore, MD Dogfish Head Aprihop, Rehoboth, DE Flying Fish Big Fish Barley Wine, Cherry Hill, NJ General Lafayette Scotch Ale, Lafayette Hill, PA Heavyweight TBA, Ocean Township, NJ Iron Hill Old Ale, West Chester, PA/Newark, DE Lancaster Four Grain, Lancaster, PA Legacy Nor'easter, Reading, PA Manayunk Buster Brown Ale, Phila, PA Nodding Head Imperial IPA, Phila, PA Sly Fox Scottish Ale, Phoenixville, PA Troegs Nugget Nectar Ale, Harrisburg, PA Victory TBA, Downingtown, PA Yards George Jefferson, Phila, PA Wow 14 fricking firkins! According to Scoats, the first 7 will be tapped and ready to go at 6pm. The second 7 will be tapped at 9:00pm. Much thought (and I'm sure much spirited debate) will go into having a good mix and balance on each tier. More info, as it becomes finalized, especially those TBA beers, will be on www.greylodge.com. But it's the honest, unvarnished, casual nature of this mini-festival that endears it to beers geeks up and down the East Coast. An added kick is the opportunity to hang out with almost all of the brewers themselves, who've provided the beers for the night. An extraordinary celebration of beer, worth travelling for.
  17. I love the promotions that come from this place, my local beer hangout of choice. This is an excerpt from the bar's website, one of the most entertaining beer sites anywhere: <<"Groundhog Day/Lucky Cat Night" Monday February 2nd -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will once again be chasing away the winter blues on Groundhog's Day with a day long Hawaiian Shirt Island Party on Monday, February 2nd. We will start things off at bright and very early at 7am with a Groundhog's Day Beer Breakfast. Catch Punxatowney Phil on our four TVs while enjoying some amazing beers and a free breakfast. At 7am, we will have on tap a sixtel of TROEGS MAD ELF, a sixtel of DOGFISH HEAD FESTINA LENTE PEACH LAMBIC, a 1/2 barrel FLYING FISH COFFEE PORTER, a 1/2 barrel of SLY FOX DUNKEL WEISSE, a 1/2 barrel of BREWERS ART LA PETROLEUSE, and last barrel of the 2003 batch of YARDS SAISON. We will have orange juice on hand to make Saison mimosas. The Mad Elf and Festina Lente will go fast, so make it in at 7am to make sure you get some. I'm sure you will agree that's a line-up worth showing up at the crack of dawn for. Also due at 7am is KING GROUNDHOG. The King is a Northeast Philadelphia native. His website is http://www.kinggroundhog.com At 8:30am we will have a contest for the best/worst Hawaiian Shirt. There will be prizes. And FREE LEIS ALL DAY! Later that day at 7pm, "Wissinoming Winnie", with the help of her "Inner Circle", will make her Beer Prognistication. Like Punxatowney Phil, Wissinoming Winnie - the Grey Lodge's Lucky Cat - is a prognosticator. Instead prognosticating weather (ho hum), she prognisticates BEER! She will determine if there will be 6 more weeks of winter seasonal beers or if the spring seasonals will be early this year. Immediately after Winnie's Prognostication, PAIN RELEIVAZ will bust some mad rhymes at the GLP. Pain Releivaz are D.J. LIL Guy (Bryan Selders, Dogfish Head Lead Brewer) and Grandmaster I.B.U. (Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head President). They will also be bringing with them a cask of DOGFISH HEAD 90 MINUTE IPA. >>> You can't imagine the crowd that shows up at 7AM. The crowd is almost as much fun as the one that shows up for the bar's annual "Friday the Firkinteenth" celebrations. More on THAT event THIS February 13th, a Friday), in another post. Of course, I have no financial or other interest in this or any event at the Grey Lodge. It's just a damn hoot of a place.
  18. Excuse me if this has been covered before: Mmmm, chicken hearts... Yikes
  19. gbredben

    Guiness Rebate

    Saw this posted on one of the daily deal websites. Guiness is giving rebates for St. Patrick's Day for Guiness Draught in a bottle. $2 for any 6-pack or $4 for any 12-pack. Offer not valid in AL, AR, IN, KY, ME, MO, NC, OH, OR, TX, UT, WV and expires March 31. Here's the url to print the coupon: http://www.guinness1759society.com/offer/B...22qp~FNLddaSFBD
  20. john b

    Beer with sushi

    I'm planning a late night sushi snack tonight. Any suggestions for a good beer/sushi match?
  21. Saw this in the store the other day and decided to try it, a bock beer with real chocolate as an ingredient. Basically a good but not great beer. I thought the chocolate taste was too strong. Reccomend this as no more than a dessert beer. I also those that it was way overpriced at $16/bomber sized bottle.
  22. This appeared today on Business Wire. edit to rework link
  23. (this is my first post ever, so please forgive and gently guide me if I make mistakes) So here I am, eight weeks pregnant, and two of my hometown teams are in playoff mode right now, which likely means some evenings with the sports-fan spouse at our local watering holes to watch both games. Fine with me, but I get tired of drinking water at the bar and wonder if you have suggestions for good nonalcoholic beers? Or, more accurately, ones that don't taste like gym socks. I have tried: Haake Beck St. Pauli NA (both not bad) O Doul's (eh) Coors Cutter (so bad the memory of it is triggering nausea...must eat some saltines) None of these are decent enough to have more than one, and most are pretty foul. Also, I would love to hear either fact or opinion on this: why do more micro/craft breweries not set to making a decent nonalcoholic beer? Is it just too difficult to dealcoholize decent beer, or do they figure there's not enough of a market? I went to several wonderful micros while I was in Colorado a few weeks ago and most looked at me like I was crazy for even asking if there was anything they made that I could drink.
  24. beans

    Coors for US Senate!

    Reuter's April 7 article from CBS MarketWatch here. Now I wonder if he is elected, will there be a Senatorial sort of name for a commemorative brew? Cheers!
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