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  1. Chapel Tavern

    European Style

    I totally understand the thought process on that but according to most authorities on the subject, Cicerone Certification Program included, the best way to get a proper head is to use a wet glass. I've tried it both ways and it really does seem to produce a great head and, as far as I could tell, didn't water down the beer or affect the taste at all. Anyone else have thoughts on the subject?
  2. Chapel Tavern

    European Style

    Thanks for the help. I tried to google "Glass Washer Tray" but of course only commercial dishwasher type stuff came up. They are actually cheaper than I thought they would be.
  3. You know the little contraption you see in Europe that squirts water on the inside of a glass before they fill it with beer? What are those called and where can you buy a system like that in the US? Thanks for the help.
  4. Ten01 Bistro with Kelley Swenson behind the bar is pretty good. Heard good things about 50 Plates, though they were too mobbed the last time I was in town and I didn't get a chance to visit the bar. Jeffrey Morgenthaler just started working at Clyde Common, which already had a decent bar. And best of all, these are all within a few blocks of each other (and of Teardrop). ← Thanks for the recommendations Paul. I'll hit as many as I can. By the way, I'm a big fan of your blog. Lots of great info and very well written. If you ever happen to find yourself in Reno, NV stop by Chapel Tavern. We're a small place but we're doing our best to raise the bar, so to speak, in the land of sweet and sour long islands and red-headed sluts. Thanks again.
  5. Heading to Portland next month and wondering what bars are a must hit. I already know about the Teardrop and plan on going there. Anything else I shouldn't miss?
  6. I was wondering if any of you out there with Kold Draft Ice Machines have had any problems? I have a Manitowoc at the bar that breaks down fairly regularly and is driving me nuts. And yes we clean the filters and everything regularly, give it plenty of air and even pet it and coo in its ear all the time and the damn thing still breaks down. I'm thinking about making the leap to a Kold Draft Machine but wanted to know how well they hold up in a busy bar from those of you with the experience before I spend the money. Thanks for the help.
  7. Just did a tasting this morning(gotta love absinthe first thing in the morning) of Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte. I also tasted some of their liqueurs, a vodka and a gin and it all seems to be high quality stuff. The Absinthe is 65% ABV, bright green in color and has some great floral notes to it and went down really smooth. Added water and it louched really well. The distillers notes say that it is aged in used wine barrels, that they use green anise, which they claim is superior, as opposed to star anise, all natural coloring and grande wormwood. I was really impressed and ordered a bottle for the bar. Overall the company seems to put out quality product. Their Peach Liqueur tasted like real fresh peaches and the Blackberry Liqueur tasted like real blackberries but was a little too sweet for my taste. Anyway, its good to see another unique absinthe out in the market. Hopefully we'll keep seeing more quality stuff out there.
  8. Tell me about it. We have steel floors at my bar and even with thick rubber mats by the end of the week I limp to the shower in the morning. Or maybe I'm just getting old....
  9. I know we all see this term used a lot in articles, promos and the like, and even here on egullet, but what meaning does it really carry? I know there are some bartending/mixology schools out there, some good, most bad, that offer certifications of some type but what, in your opinions, qualifies as the right credentials for a person to apply to term to themselves?
  10. The last case we had were the new bottles so its been since the change over that they are saying distribution has stopped. No one outside of Nevada having problems?
  11. My distributers here in northern Nevada are telling me that Heering has stopped importing to the US. Has anyone else had this problem? I find it hard to believe being that Cherry Heering seems to be a pretty popular ingredient on many cocktail lists, including my own.
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