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  1. This drink was created by a bartender for bartenders at the end of shift. It tastes very different after you have straw tasted 150 citrus drinks and 100 brown and stirred. You have serious palate fatigue, thus the name, and you need something with HUGE flavors. Trust me this is really tasty at 2:30am on a Friday night.
  2. Sandy have you tried getting a couple of manicures a month? If you go with a plain clear nail polish it will really protect the nail beds. And then Liquid Bandaids a couple times a shift should fix that until your hand stop doing it.
  3. I really Like La Nonna In Williamsburg. Very low key and homemade pasta. Great price point as well. Cheers, Toby
  4. I love drinks like this. One of the main ideas of balancing bitter components (Cynar, Grapefruit, and bitters) is that the fresh ingredients need to be really bright and really sweet. I implore you to remake this with fresh squeezed Ruby Red Grapefruit and I think that you will see a huge increase in your enjoyment. Now is the season for them so they will really shine. The grapefruit here is battling against the sweetness of the Cynar as well so it needs to show off its tartness. Any juice that is not squeezed fresh that day just isn’t going to showcase the spirits involved. If I can’t
  5. I would get an oyster glove or something like it so you don't peel the skin from your bones if you are going with the drill option.
  6. My vote is the Supermarket. This isn’t one product, but the gathering of all products under one roof. Unlike shopping at a butcher, baker and vegetable stand, the Supermarket is chock full of faceless/mass produced products. Quantity of choice trumped quality. Toby
  7. Try this thread. http://www.lthforum.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=31635 I've been a couple of times and it's amazing. I would recommend thnking of it as a Cocktail Restaurant, not a bar and your experience will be better. Cheers, Toby
  8. I think that the problem you are having is three fold. Mint is one of the most delicate herbs around, so first and foremost treat it as gently as possible. Do not bruise let alone muddle. Also you don't need high proof alcohol and a long time to get the flavor out of mint. A simple syrup or 80* vodka will do the trick. AIR IS THE ENEMY. The essential oils will oxidize in a matter of minutes turning beautiful mint into lawn clippings. Make sure that your mint is completely submerged for the 15 minutes to 30 minutes (at the out side) that the mint is infusing. Use a lot of mint to get th
  9. Bentons farm is near there, thats where I would start.
  10. Hi Chris, So I can recommend a couple of things in MSP. The Bradstreet Crafts House, and La Belle Vie and Meritage (Full Disclosure, I consult for the cocktail program at Bradstreet I have good things about Haut Dish, Sea Change, and Marvel. On the low end side... In the Habitrail there is a Potbelly and a Taco Johns. I mention Taco Johns in case you have never had a Potato Ole. If you haven't had one, you should. I'm sure that the bartenders at the first three places I mentioned will have up to date information. Cheers, Toby
  11. Very sorry about the confusion. The Beta was the very first version. Like many things, the first time ain't the greatest (Prince). So after making it a bunch more times we found the little trick of adding the gin. It's good both ways, but we like the addition of the proof. Cheers, Toby
  12. Jonathan, It's great that you are looking forward to being a bartender. There is a lot that goes into being a good one, and bar backing is the first step on a long road. Reading as much as humanly possible is another step. Going out and trying spirits and cocktails in hundreds, if not thousands, of bars is also necessary. Making drinks for yourself and your friends will also be part of your overall training. Read more. Getting really good at bar backing is invaluable. Read. Talk to everyone you can about bartending, this forum is a great start. Did I mention reading yet? Becoming a go
  13. Hello, Does anybody have any new recommendations for near the Pantheon for bars (cocktail bars would be a plus) cafes and restaurants? My fiancee is there and would love your imput. Thank you, Toby
  14. The Violet Hour Blog is up and running. We are going to be posting Punch techniques and recipes as they change. Summer is coming and it's time to get ready for BBQs. http://partyondamen.com/ Cheers, Toby
  15. I wrote this a few years ago, but this thread made me think of it. I have had a couple of these breakfast experiences in my travels, and I am happy for every one of them. THIS POST CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED BY THOSE WITH DELICATE SENSIBILITIES OR THE WEAK OF STOMACH I was down in Mexico visiting a friend a couple of years ago. My, father, Tom, and my business partner, Jason, and I arrived in town mid afternoon, and were engulfed in the chaos of a street festival. A Ferris wheel spun haphazardly, as did a good number of town drunks. Every vendor stand was cranking a stati
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