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  1. Thank you. I have to say that I'm skeptical. I like the brunch here and we go every year for Easter and Mothers Day but the carving station on those buffets are nothing to write home about.
  2. RS, do you know if they will be serving tableside or will they have everything up on the buffet as they do for every other meal in Cuisine?
  3. Daley's Cafe 780 5th St Secaucus NJ 07094 Phone: 201-617-4043 I worked in Secaucus in the mid '80's. This was the first place I thought of and I googled it to see if it was still there. Simple pub kind of a place, beer signs on the wall and all that but the food is good in a very basic way. Go check it out, what do you have to lose?
  4. Come hungry but don't come too early. The one time I went to this sale I got there before 11 AM. They were still in the process of cooking the food and the food they did have ready wasn't stuff you wanted to eat before lunch. Having said that, I did get some great Spanish specialty items and do agree that this is a place worth checking out.
  5. Ok, now I'm going to this place just because I think this is the funniest thing I've read on eG in a year.
  6. yes. avoid the tasteless cauliflower. enjoy the excellent pork shank. ← I didn't love the grass fed ribeye that I had though the chimichurri sauce had a great kick. I guess I'm so used to the flavor/texture of corn feed beef or maybe it wasn't a great example of the grass fed kind that ended up on my plate. I do agree that the service was excellent and that the chef/owner went out of his way to be nice to us. He even sent over a dish of that "tasteless cauliflower" gratis, which, btw, I didn't find tasteless.
  7. so, no verdict on the dry aging?
  8. That space would be way too small and the parking lot is way too small as well. ← Ok... I'll take your word on the size of the building, but there's no way that there is a parking shortage. That lot is HUGE. ← Try going to Costco on a busy Saturday, you can barely find a space in that lot. Office Max, which was a big store, used almost no spaces in that lot. Go to the Wegman's in Bridgewater and look at their lot on a weekday, its usually full. The Princeton store, which is even bigger, has a bigger lot and that lot is also usually full. There's no way that lot is big enough for a Wegman's.
  9. That space would be way too small and the parking lot is way too small as well.
  10. Holly, sorry to disagree but I think White House Subs is incredibly overrated. I've gone to AC with people who talked it up but I've been 3 times and have never figured out what all the fuss is about. The place is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of restaurants if you ask me. PS, I remember they had a picture of OJ-mouth open wide, stuffing in one of their subs, have they taken it down? Now if we're talking about traveling for one specific dish then I'd say to add Copeland in Morristown for their amazing burger. More about that here.
  11. I would just like to thank thereuare for the great site: betterbidding.com. If this new site is half as good then it belongs in everyone's bookmarks. Keep up the good work and thanks, I've saved lots of $ with the travel site.
  12. Menton, I would have bet the house you'd recommend the Bonefish Grill , a chain owned by the same people as Outback, Carrabba's etc. Right up your alley. Of course, I've been to their location in Bridgewater and thought it was ok. Not a rave, and not in the right place to have mentioned as an option for this topic.
  13. I know that Menton1 has been talking up Seafood Gourmet in Maywood for years. Here's a link to that thread here.
  14. This restaurant is now called Oceanos. Good write up here.
  15. Yeah, it takes some research which most people have neither the time nor the inclination to do. Sure, you can find places serving better food for the same or less money than some of the chains but certain chains cater to kids. I'm thinking of places like Applebee's which I wouldn't say is good but I will say that my kids like it. They eat mac and cheese or chicken nuggets and they get crayons on the way to the table and a balloon on the way out the door. When you're 2.5 these things matter more than the food does. Plus, you can talk all you want about well behaved children but how well behaved is a 2.5 year old going to be? You can go to one of these places and not care if your child is well behaved (within limits) because no one else's kids are well behaved either. As for this assertion that food at a chain restaurant is always inferior I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I still maintain that certain chains like Legal Seafood or even the Outback do a very good job at what they do. BTW, went by Let's Eat today. Huge sign in the window advertising the space as available for lease.
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