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  1. Call Quattros -- (845) 635-2018 They're in Dutchess County, but they're part of the NY Green Market scene, and I'm pretty certain they are delivering heritage turkeys to Manhattan (or Brooklyn).
  2. According to a story in today's Wall Street Journal, there's an additional reason why pre-slicing is part and parcel of the Luger steak experience: the steak receives additional cooking after it has been sliced. The reporter, Katy McLaughlin, was allowed to observe a steak being cooked at Peter Luger, and noted the following: ← Is he suggesting the steak wouldn't continue to cook if it wasn't sliced? If you put meat on a very hot plate, it's going to cook. (And, in my one PL experience, overcook.)
  3. Stone

    La Toque

    Hmm. A few years' back, La Toque was a No. 3 or 4 destination.
  4. I, for one, will never buy beans from California again.
  5. Complete beginner. I tried once, years ago. Decent results I had the Bread Alone book, but that is long gone. Any suggestions?
  6. A while back I stopped by Lobells near the holidays and asked how much their brisket was. Upon hearing the price, I asked "for a cut of meat that's going to be slow braised, it is really worth it?" The guy shrugged. But this raises another question: Is there such thing as a bad piece of brisket? Every once in a while my folks serve a tough brisket. My Dad blames the meat. I blame him. "You didn't cook it long enough." "I cooked it as long as I always do." "Maybe, but that's not enough." Setting aside the odd case where there is a vein of hard white fat through the brisket (I guess left over from a poorly trimmed point), won't all briskets be delicious if cooked correctly?
  7. I used to think high-end ranges were limited to Viking. Then Viking and Wolf. Now it seems that everyone is doing it: Viking, Wolf, DCS, GE Monogram, Thermadore, Bosch (great jig saws too), and many more. I guess there are three ways to judge these things: BTUs, Appearance and reputation? I do like the Thermadore star burner.
  8. I'm looking to redo my kitchen countertops -- about 15 sq ft total. Home Depot and other places I've stopped into estimate $100 per sq ft (total price, with installation). I was speaking to someone this weekend who thinks it should be closer to $60. Any thoughts?
  9. Can I kickstart this discussion again? General thoughts on GE Monogram ranges? I'm surprised at their price -- do they perform well? How about DCS? I remember it used to be the dark horse favorite.
  10. As uninspired as you'd expect. Dark interior (looks nothing at all like the old Time Cafe), trendy customers, etc. The menu is surprisingly boring. There are some interesting dim sum, but most of the entrees are basic American Chinese food dishes, perhaps with a little twist. The $7 egg roll was overpriced. Two decent sized egg rolls, not all that flavorful. Shrimp and chive potstickers were small, but good. Same for the pork dumplings. Four dipping sauces all lacked flavor. We ordered sliced flat iron steak with onion and peppers. Looked like flank steak to me. In fact, I'm sure that if I ordered beef with pepper and onion from any Chinese restaurant, it would be the same dish, but cheaper. The only real low point was the dry sauteed string beans with pork. They had so much salt/soy, they were almost unedible. Shrimp fried rice was pretty good. A tad dry, but a lot of shrimp. Overall, the food here was as good as, but no better than almost every Chinese delivery place in Manhattan. There didn't seem to be anything particularly interesting on the menu. And Grand Sichuan is a few blocks away.
  11. Where in Poughkeepsie? What kind of food?
  12. I hear they're over-priced and as hard to maintain as a Jaguar. But for adding sale value to a kitchen, can they be beat?
  13. Can someone recommend a good book for baking sweets? I'm looking for something that will cover the basics of various cookies and cakes, custards, sauces, etc. (Not interested in candies or ice cream.) Kind of like Peterson's book on sauces. Thanks in advance.
  14. I just received an order from Broadbent Hams. I got six 14 oz packages of bacon, 4 lbs of sausage and an uncooked county ham. I've been eating breakfast all weekend. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the ham. I would like to try it raw. If I do take some slices off, should I soak it first? Can I still simmer and cook the rest? By the way, will I be able to slice this with a slicer, or do I need a band saw?
  15. Thanks. Someone else recommended this recipe. I'll give it a try.
  16. I've had a request. Can someone give me the world's best recipe? Thanks in advance.
  17. Is this the one on Lex? All of my experiences there (take out only) have been very disappointing. Smallish portions, overly greasy, etc. etc.
  18. I always thought they were the same, but I noticed that GSI Midtown had them both listed on the menu.
  19. Given that CIA is in Hyde Park, why are there so few good and no great restaurants in Dutchess County? I haven't been to Terrapin in Rhinebeck (generally spoken of as the best restaurant in the area), but I've never heard a good word about it. I did eat at Bistro Gigi two weekends ago. I had a cold and fever, so can't really comment -- other than to say that my pumpkin ravioli had no pumpkin and instead had spinach and cheese. It tasted fine to my tasteless buds. The food else where looked good. Mina in Red Hook was supposed to be good, but it closed before I got there. Is there anything West of the river worth its salt? I understand that because Hudson Valley will never have Napa's wine draw -- buy why can't it support better restaurants?
  20. Well, he did grow up in Queens.
  21. A very interesting article. It probably deserves it's own thread.
  22. Stone

    Max's Bad BBQ

    The pink outer layer is the smoke ring. It's supposed to be there. It's got all the nitrate-goodness. ← What I was trying to get across was that the smoke ring wasn't that deep in the meet. I think that either they aren't smoking it long enough or switch to less meaty ribs. For example, the ribs at Blue Smoke are pink almost all the way through, but are less meaty than Max's. ← Oh. Nevermind.
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