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    I believe the recent issue of Saveur refers to sweetbreads as either pancreas or thymus.
  2. I must be crazy, because I whisk the #### out of 'em. Sometimes, if I'm beating a large batch (12 at time?), I use my hand mixer. I usually add only salt and pepper to the eggs, and put them in a hot non-stick pan. I continue to whisk in the pan -- I like them fluffy. By the way -- I love adding either a good pinch of crushed red pepper, or a half teaspoon of good curry powder while beating the eggs. It makes for a nice change.
  3. A few years back I took a vacation to Croatia (which I highly recommend to everyone) and brought back a bottle of home-made liquour -- Rakia. It's similar to Ouzo (strong, anise flavored), and bottled with an assortment of herbs. I finished the bottle, and am trying to find more. I live in the SF bay area. Any leads?
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    Pancreas or Thymus? Or are they the same thing?
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