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  1. You're absolutely right - some of the candied ginger was much larger than I'd expect from young ginger, yet all of it came out really well. Now I'm even more inspired to try your recipe!
  2. Thank you! Andie's candied ginger is unbelievably good, for those who haven't had a chance to sample some. Well worth searching out young ginger to make some up for yourself.
  3. Exactly. Not all children will like all vegetables and fruits, but it's much more likely when the parents actually enjoy produce themselves and prepare it lovingly. I can't count how many times I've heard other parents say, "I won't serve _insert suspect produce here_ to my child since it's something I won't eat myself." A parent who cringes at the mere thought of broccoli is going to have a hard time inspiring their child to try some.
  4. tejon

    Monkey Bread

    I agree with Robert. Any slightly sweet dough should work well here, so pick your favorite enriched dough and go from there. You can also play with additions to the flavoring: I've added candied ginger, nutmeg, raisins, nuts, and coconut at different times to the cinnamon sugar. All tasted wonderful.
  5. How did you like the Tokaji? I remember smuggling a bottle out with me when I visited Budapest back in '88. Wish I'd brought back more!
  6. Do all forms of coconut oil taste that strongly of coconut? I bought a bottle a while back on the advice of a friend, and just can't seem to use it because I can taste it strongly in just about anything I use it in. Didn't want to buy the cold pressed kind for fear that it tastes the same for more money.
  7. I would love a list like that as well. I do try to tease out peoples likes and dislikes before they arrive, but it's nice to have a good idea of what to serve and have on hand. Everyone is so different in tastes, preferences and habits that there just isn't any "standard" of food to have around the house for others. A little specificity is helpful. Right now I'm preparing for a visit from friends who happen to be vegan. Now, they're both very easy going in general and don't care if we eat meat one bit, but I would like to have things around that they will enjoy. Thankfully, they were specific in the things that they are used to having available: rice milk, coffee (I'm a tea drinker), cereal or toast for breakfast. It's nice to know that your guests will feel welcome and comfortable.
  8. I had been eyeing that whole chicken recipe. I was thinking of doing that in lieu of turkey so we have plenty of leftovers. First Thanksgiving in a long time at someone else's house, so I'm planning a simplified holiday meal at home first so we have plenty to nosh on later .
  9. The attraction to Herr's over Utz chips never made any sense to me, either. I'm loving the pictures of Philly, especially the last few sets. So much is exactly the same as when I lived there over a decade ago - it's interesting to see what has stayed the same and what has changed since then. It's sad that Pat's has gone downhill since then. Sounds like they're cutting corners on the meat, which is essential to a good cheesesteak. Beautiful hoagies. It's amazing how much they can press together into a sandwich with a well placed turn of the wrapping, isn't it? That bit of compression is lacking in a lot of "hoagies" I've seen made elsewhere.
  10. I have a 6 qt Kitchenaid and two bowls, and love that set-up. Now, if I only had one bowl, I would be far less happy. It's really nice to have a clean bowl on hand at all times, especially when making up something large. I haven't come across any circumstance as a home cook (even while doing holiday dinners or involved desserts) where I wanted or needed an additional machine, but the second bowl gets used quite a bit. I also have a stick blender with a whisk attachment that is handy for the occasional small bit of whipped cream or egg white that I need pronto but is too small for a large bowl.
  11. It certainly looks like Chris enjoyed that sandwich! Mmmm....cheesesteak. I'm looking forward to your thoughts and findings on hoagies. What's your favorite filling? (genoa salami and provelone here)
  12. Somehow I had thought PokPok had the dining area open now. Soon, though. The food there is certainly worth eating outside.
  13. Pok Pok, definitely - especially now that there's dining inside. I'd recommend Andina as well, and I'll second the Simpatica recommendation.
  14. Chris, you can make a respectable cheese steak at home, too. Get some sliced ribeye at your local 99 Ranch market (they have a great selection for shabu shabu), grab some onions and cheese wiz, and hunt down a decent roll. OK, that last part will be hard, but you'll find something decent. Cook the sliced ribeye just like you saw, adding the grilled onions at the end and scooping all that goodness into a roll. Then slather with warm, melted wiz. Not exactly the same, but pretty damn good to this ex-Philadelphian. I realize these are fighting words. But I stand by them Great show. Brought back a lot of good memories and made me want to fly back and eat! edited because I cannot spell
  15. tejon

    Halloween Party Ideas?

    There are a bunch of savory recipes in this month's First magazine. Most of them look horrible...and not in a good way. However, there were two that I'm going to tuck away for future use (at least the ideas). One was wontons shaped like bats - just fold two opposite corners up high for "ears", fill with anything, and add sliced olive and cream cheese eyes on each. Cute, a bit creepy, and simple. The other was a bit wormy, but I liked the idea. Tint cornbread black, then bake into a rectangle (coffin), slice off the top, scoop out the insides and fill with chili. Put the lid back on askew and garnish with sauteed bell pepper "worms" around the edge. Oh, and the finger cookies really don't take long to do at all, especially if you have a second set of hands helping (your daughter?). They're pretty easy to form and very forgiving. I appear to be all about Halloween food, don't I? I love this holliday
  16. Oh, my - I just went looking and those Chemex coffee makers are gorgeous! Even found one with filters. Hmmm....
  17. Thanks for the specifics, weinoo. I do know that brewing a decent cup of coffee takes some care, and knew I'd get what I needed here. sanrensho, that's an excellent idea. Sadly, I've had it made well and still just don't like it at all. The usual response, when I state that I don't like it, is "you just haven't had really good coffee!". At this point I'm presented with the perfect cup of joe, along with someone waiting for me to fall in love. Hasn't happened. Coffee is just too bitter for me, too strong and not in a pleasant way. I respect those who love it and understand that I'm in the minority, enough that I'd like to provide good coffee to people who visit my house, but I'm content to inhale that lovely aroma and let it be.
  18. I could definitely buy just a bit of freshly ground coffee as needed. Though I'll give grinding raw rice a try as well - might be fun to use the grinder for it's original purpose from time to time. Bruce - thanks for the link. Looks like making coffee should be pretty simple and painless. It'll be nice to have something other than instant to offer guests. Looking forward to that brewing coffee smell, too. Now, if it only tasted like it smells I'd be a convert!
  19. I have a coffee grinder now, though it gets used to grind spices and small amounts of grain. Not sure I can get it clean enough that it wouldn't flavor the coffee, but I could try. The Melitta coffee makers look perfect. Though I do have a further question. I know how to work a regular drip machine - pour cold water in, put ground coffee in the filter, turn it on, wait. So do I just pour boiling hot water into the filter on top of the Melitta? Is it really that simple?
  20. I'm not a coffee drinker in any way. Too bitter (to me) unless enough sugar and cream is added to render it not coffee any longer. Because I'm not a big fan, I don't have a coffee maker of any sort in my kitchen. I have a jar of instant that gets pulled out when I need some for cooking purposes, but that's it. I'm having friends visit from out of town next week, and it dawned on me that they do enjoy coffee. I don't want them to have to stumble out the door first thing in the morning, headed for the local Starbucks, and feel it would be good to actually have the means to make something other than instant at home. However, I won't be using it daily and don't want to spend a lot of money on an occasionally used appliance. So what are my options here? How would you go about making a reasonably decent cup of coffee at home without expensive equipment? I can get freshly ground coffee and keep it in the freezer, but beyond that I'm unsure. French press? Cowboy coffee?
  21. I would highly recommend any of the "Gluten Free Gourmet" cookbooks by Bette Hagman. Wheat is by far the toughest of the foods allergies you listed, at least in terms of preparing food for someone who is allergic to it. She has some excellent recipes for just about anything you'd want that normally would require wheat flour, plus a lot of excellent information about how to substitute flours and make baked goods work without gluten. There's a lot of good information out there on gluten free, casein free (wheat and dairy free) diets that might be helpful as well. Here's one that has a lot of recipes and tips. You are a great friend to be helping in this way. Food allergies are hard to deal with, and I bet he or she will appreciate the support.
  22. That picture of Max is the best! I love how he's grinning through layers of beans .
  23. Mr. tejon and I just watched and loved it. I loved that you took everything off the main strip and showed that there is more to Las Vegas than all the theme casinos and glitz. Also loved the shirt! Nice to see that they let you be yourself, down to crazy colorful shirts . Can't wait to see your next show.
  24. That bulgolgi looks delicious. Now to the important question - did your furry child end up getting a taste?
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