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    TDG: JAZ Hates Raisins

    "You don't like raisins?" "Not really." "Why?" "They used to be fat and juicy. And now they're twisted. They had their life stolen. Well, they used to taste sweet but really they're just humiliated grapes." Exactly.
  2. I've had a lot of success packing the falafel tightly in a 1 ounce scoop. I don't add bread crumbs or potato or egg, just coarsely ground chickpeas (dry, then soaked overnight) with seasonings. I find if I don't pack the balls tightly, then there can be a problem with breakage. It's also better to have a mixture that is slightly dryer, versus a more wet mix. The scoop also makes them evenly sized, which helps in getting them all browned at the same time. Mmmm....now I've got a hankering for falafel and tahini sauce!
  3. Now, see - that takes two of my very favorite things, cheesecake and fried anything, and puts them together. I'd guess it would be sheer heaven.
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    boston lettuce red leaf lettuce some arugula just because thinly sliced red onion sliced orange shaved Parmesan cheese fresh ground pepper I top with a sweet celery seed/onion dressing based off a recipe in Marcia Adams' Cooking from Quilt Country. Yum.
  5. Screw subltety. I make a wish list of exactly what I'd like, affix with a magnet to our refrigerator, and reap the rewards come Christmas or birthday time. My husband will do pretty much anything to keep the great meals coming ;-)
  6. I currently have 87, but I recently pared down to just the ones I use constantly, since we have limited shelf space - even with a bookcase just for my cookbooks. Can't even express how sad it is to give one away
  7. Wow - now I want to move! Here's what I would pay for the same. I live at the southeastern edge of Los Angeles county, BTW: 30 limes - 3/$1.00 at the local asian market = $10 3 pounds (really nice) new white potatoes - .69 a pound, same place = 2.07 20 packages Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Mix (He likes them) - $3.00 per case 6 fresh flour tortillas - $1.00 5 lbs. sugar - $2.50 3 ears corn - $1.00 1 can Jumex Plum Nectar - ? If it's anything like Kern's, it'd be around .80 for the can So a total of just over $20 for me, too - and I am an incredibly frugal shopper (I spend less than $75 a week on food for a family of four).
  8. S'Mores! The ultimate demise for a Peep. Tasty, twisted, and fun
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