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  1. Deviled ham and cream cheese between two slices of toast. Mmmmmm. A staple in my house. Or a slice of black forest ham with a slice of Kraft Old English singles and bread n butter pickles with mayo between twp slices of toast. God, I'm getting so hungry right now.
  2. When I was in high school a friend of mine used to spread an ungodly amount of mayo between two slices of white bread. I personally love peanut butter, jam and bacon, especially when on a split, grilled bagel. And what's a tuna sandwich without the bbq chips? I also make a crab and shrimp white bread salad, kind of like potato salad except you use chunks of white bread instead of potatoes and the day after I take it out of the fridge and put it between slices of bread much like the stuffing sandwich mentioned earlier. I do believe my worst transgression though was about second grade when I made a tuna fish, peanut butter, cottage cheese and dill pickle sandwich. It wasn't half bad. I think it was Helen Worth's book Cooking Without Recipe's that challenged me as an adult to think beyond the box. Who the hell says peanut butter has to go with jelly? She highly encourages experimantation. There are so many brilliant combinations out there waiting to be discovered. Munch on, People!
  3. There's a great little cookbook I picked up at the local library called The Marijuana Chef by S.T. Oner. (I am not making this up, I swear.) They do suggest making a limited amount of food with and making a buttload of food without marijuana and having it ready to go when the munchies set in. It is an interesting book geared toward those using it for medicinal purposes. For someone sick with little appetite, it is a great help from what I understand. The book has some great information.
  4. I swear to God Ronnie...one of these days I'm going to just hop a plane and show up at your front door for dinner....
  5. I'm still looking for that homepage with the super hero in tights with the egullet thong and apron turned around as a cape!
  6. So where is Tony? It's not like him to stay away. Did he get a trip to the pricipal's office and a 30 day suspension for his Bayless comment or is he just busy? Hmmm, I wonder...miss your input, Dude!
  7. You guys crack me up! Love to Ronnie and my fellow Ruffians! No, we don't take it too seriously and we've discussed keeping the Ville a place where Tony feels welcome to be one of the gang. It's about food and friendship rather than stalking. For me it's kind of like this place...I never knew there were so many other foodies out there and I love having a place to exchange info and ideas. I love egullet ! It does get a little weird when people get too much into the name game. And if we squared off ... I have no doubt the Ruffians would come out victorious!
  8. I enjoy the odd things I find at Whole Foods downtown too. I tend to go there at times because it's easy for me to hop the trolley down to the max to get home. And the seafood counter is always beautiful. I keep saying I'm going to take home a buddha's hand sometime and find a recipe on how to use it. Gernot's... spice dictionary right? A friend at work is always finding things on it for me. I've got to check it out sometime.
  9. Rich looking devil's food cake from Mother's Bistro that I haven't tucked into yet, but I had to get a piece to go because it looked sooo good. Still stuffed from dinner. (Review in Pacific NW)
  10. yeah, I was looking at the homemade bath salts and massage oils class myself. I did one of the allergy clinics and it was very informative. They do some cool stuff. Such as, by the way, chocolate tasting on sunday feb. 8th from 2-6 pm only $3 and no need to register. How cool is that?
  11. Did NW Seafood class last night at Sur La Table with Billy Hahn from Jake's Crawfish. Awesome class! I would strongly suggest it to anyone the next time it comes around. We had shrimp/crab cakes with ginger jalapeno mayonaise, mesclun salad with Jake's house dressing, bleu cheese crumbles and glazed walnuts, crab and shrimp stuffed salmon, seafood etouffe and Jake's chocolate truffle cake. The food was wonderful! The best part of the class though was when Billy threw a big 14# whole salmon up on the counter and took us from fin to filet and showed us how to de-bone and shin and cut up a whole salmon. He even went over it again during the break for people that wanted to see it again while standing at the counter. He's was fun, patient and very informative. The food was great and as a teacher, Billy rocks! It was one of the best classes I've taken there so far.
  12. I know just from taking his class that he's spent a lot of time in mexico learning to cook. I enjoyed what I learned from him. It seemed to be more like what my mexican crew eats than the white bread restaurant mexican food sold at large. And Ivy was raised cooking Thai from a Thai woman and spends her vacations cooking in Thailand. She's got a thai soup class coming up next month with hands on curry paste mixing. I really think you'd enjoy it Nick. I'm thinking about taking that one.
  13. I've done a few classes at Sur La Table and quite a few at Whole Foods. Pick up their schedule as well. They have some cool guest chefs in there. I've felt more comfortable at Whole Foods. The thai classes with Ivy and mexican with Billy Schumacher have been great. Chef Ivy is very laid back and it has a bit more relaxed atmosphere than Sur. I took bread classes with Tim from Pearl Bakery and I would suggest his classes. I've done bread for years and still picked up tips. I'm thinking of doing the crepes class at Sur and I'm doing the seafood class next week with Billy Hahn. They do bring in some great names at In Good Taste. I'm still bummed that I missed Eric Ripert. They seem to have a problem with getting me on the mailing list. I was looking at a class with Nick Malgieri at Good Taste but ended up taking it for half the price at Sur. And Alice Medrich was a really great teacher if she comes around again. Anyway, I always check out those three class schedules when they come out.
  14. Just one more person putting in my two cents...I love Blue Nile! It's an occasional craving that nothing else can satisfy. I usually split a combo plate with my dining partner and we find that we like the opposite things on the plate so it works perfectly. It's plenty of food for two. I love the spicey beef and the collard greens. It is definately far from tasteless. Good stuff, Maynard!
  15. Had dinner at Porto Terra at the Hilton last night and their happy hour menu is worth taking a look at. Service was very fast and the prices range from 2-4 dollars. I'll do a seperate thread on it later but it was really good and a lot of bang for the buck. It's a nice quick fix for the munchies. Dessert was fabulous too.
  16. Knorthrup and I tried them awhile back. The food was good and a good "not so ordinary" experience. It was different from anything I've had before. Tried two desserts, the rice pudding and the cookies, and wasn't thrilled with either. It's definately their weak spot. But the bar is a nice cozy place to hang and chat for a few hours. And the cerviche was very good!
  17. The Porta Terra at the Hilton has expanded the menu recently and even though it's a little spendy, the food I'm told is excellent.
  18. I just have to say...God, I love this place!!!! Where else can we find discussions like this? I am not a freak here and I'm not alone in the universe. Dyin' to go play with some new ideas and flavors now....
  19. I'm a fan of Alice Medrich just simply for the fact that she tests her own recipes over and over until she has found the absolute best way to do something. And she is a great person to take a class with because she rambles and you pick up sooo much information as she rambles. Mary Cech was another instructor that I enjoyed and learned a lot from even though her book isn't out yet. I caught classes with both of them at Sur La Table.
  20. Haven't been able to track down a Pastry Art and Design lately. Barnes and Noble is usually the only place I can find it and I haven't seen it there. And yes, their website is obviously neglected. It's strange how some people don't apparently see the value in keeping up a website. As for the molds, do a search on silicone plastique or go to www.culinart.net. When I ordered from them, they sent a booklet on how to do molds with their product and they have some basic how to pictures on the website if you click at the bottom on silicone plastique. I know someone that keeps some in her purse and if something catches her eye and she likes the shape, she'll just stop and make a mold of it on the spot. She uses it for art purposes rather than culinary purposes. I would think Suze Weinberg would have some interesting ideas on her website for molds. Although I'm not sure, I believe the stuff she sells is the same albeit much more expensive. As rubber stampers, we use it to mold melted embossing powder or clay.
  21. I'll put in my two cents as a consumer. Small is fine as long as the flavor and quality are great. I agree that a huge slab of dessert is just too much after a big meal but a small taste of something sweet to follow up the meal is essential for me to feel satisfied. And if the quality is there, I'm willing to pay for it.
  22. Thank God for people like Tony! There are too many people out there that don't give a fuck when their people get paid or how they screw them over. And some are stupid enough to say it to our faces. I've worked for a couple. I've gone hungry for several days because one "didn't have the time " to give me the paycheck she said days earlier she would just leave in the register. People are amazing...in good and bad ways. Thank God for the good people with good hearts that still care. Love you Tony!
  23. Thanks Steve! You're info is exactly what I was looking for. Money is a problem, otherwise I would be taking classes at Notter's school. It's what I dream of and drool over. Next year, I'm hoping to do the World Pastry Team Competition if it's going on in Vegas again. Saving my pennies.
  24. Going for that whole sweet/salty thing? Why not? One of my favorite cravings is a split grilled bagel with peanut butter, raspberry jam and bacon! I'd give it a try!
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