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  1. As much as I enjoyed Bourdain's rant last night, for me it was overshadowed by the whole comedy club thing. What does Pete's life outside have to do with the "restaurant"? Were they trying to take some heat of Rocco? To me, they crossed the line. That should have been in the editing room garbage can! The sad thing is the gutless boy wonder didn't even understand that it wasn't remotely funny. He said the public wasn't ready. When is NY ever going to be ready for the words "The funny thing about these terrorists attacks is..."?????? It goes so far beyond "what the fuck was the idiot boy thinking"... I'm disgusted beyond words right now. It's one thing to have Rocco hanging it all out looking stupid. It's totally another to give a slap in the face to everyone affected by terrorists attacks. That's not entertainment. And if he does find a crowd that thinks it's funny...heaven help us all.
  2. I'm looking for books in the same vein as the Grand Finales set and anything on sugar pulling and confectionary "arts". Anybody out there have any favorite books (please tell why) or favorite web-sites for finding books?
  3. So for Ripert's halibut with grapes and red wine port sauce, what varietal of red wine would you suggest? I have a couple of wonderful ports, but not being much of a red wine drinker, I could use suggestions on the type of red wine.
  4. I guess my question is more of a request than anything. When wine is included in recipe, why is it always so generic, red or white? There are very few cookbooks out there like Tyler Florence's that actually give a type of wine.(such as sauvigon...) While I realize my red wine port sauce will probably never come close to Ripert's, I would like it to be somewhere in the general ballpark. Wouldn't you want to narrow it down to a type of wine that has the characteristics and flavors that would compliment the other ingredients? So many wines, so little time.... Thanks for taking the time for a Q & A!
  5. Glad to see the post. I was drooling by the time you got to the icewine and foie gras. Enjoyed this so much! Thanks for sharing, Ronnie! Randy girl
  6. One place I love that inexpensive and interesting for something new is Blue Nile. Little hole in the wall place on NE Broadway and they serve Ethiopian food. Weren't they the ones we were told as kids to clean our plates because people are starving there? Who knew they had such an awesome cuisine! They give you utensils if you want but it's fun to eat with your hands. There's a combo platter that I share with my dining partner and it's usually plenty for the two of us.
  7. Lots of durian here in Portland. I tried it. Thanks for trip Mr. Bourdain. Hated it but proud of myself for lugging that huge thing home and slicing it open by myself as my family looked on going "EEEWWWWW!" Nasty...just not my thing.
  8. I didn't care for it. Too sweet, too heavy. Not the best quality. I didn't even get half way through it and I'm a sugar junkie. Now that I bought an ice cream maker...mine's so much better, why bother going out for it?
  9. They seem to do that on occasion. It's sounds fun I just wish they gave a little more notice than e-mails of "Hey, guess what we're doing tonight?"
  10. I love Burgerville but hate the fact that they don't keep the BBQ bacon cheeseburgers on the menu. Why do they always get rid of things that everybody I know loves?
  11. It was a lot of fun! I'll have to try a Pixie bar next time I go...
  12. And the color was amazing...so ruby port, the good stuff and the wine??? What type?
  13. The sign said they had duck eggs...they were out of duck and turkey by the time I made it round the circle. Hopefully I'll get to go again this weekend if I don't have to work. The quail eggs were wonderful!
  14. My post disappeared... Oh, never mind. It's just hiding under the picture of Jim. Weird things happen when I use this computer at Kinko's.
  15. I was glad to get a chance to say "Hi" and meet you Jim! Wish I had bumped into Trillium or Mamster. I had a really great time at the market. Next time I'll get there early before Ken's Artisian Bakery is all sold out!
  16. I went to Portland farmer's market for the first time saturday. What an overwhelming feast for the senses! I expected produce but the selection and quality blew me away! Berries so flavorful they just explode in your mouth! I was surpised at the amount of meat - beef, lamb, chicken, and eggs! Being a Tony Bourdain fan I had to check out the quail eggs to see what all the fuss is about. Next time I'm going to get some turkey eggs before they run out. I learned the hard way to grab things quick and not go back for them later, especially when it comes to the baked goods. Now I understand Jim's passionate posts about the cheese. There is such a pride of craftmanship and unbelievable quality there. What a delicious venture! The flowers, bulbs and plants make it a must see for the gardener. It was a wonderful experience that will definately become a regular habit. I would encourage anyone who hasn't gone yet to check it out!
  17. I went out Saturday night to check out the dessert dim sum at Pix Patisserie. What a playful event! They made almost their entire pastry menu in miniature (which I love anyway) and served it on a cart wheeled around the dining room and you could pick and choose whatever you wanted. Prices ranged from 2 for $1 to $3 and the entire selection of 15 pieces plus tasting samples of liquer, port and wine ran me $45 total. (There were two of us and we took half of it home for later.) There was something for every taste from light to dense, sweet to tart, fruit, chocolate... all those french terms in pastry books that you wonder what they taste like...they have them all at Pix. It was a visual feast as well with gold leaf dancing with the breeze on top of chocolates in the cooler. The desserts are eye candy the likes of which I have not seen much of in Portland (other than the Pastry Art and Design magazine on my coffee table). The surprise of the evening was their pear rosemary tart. I dislike rosemary but I was surprised at how well the rosemary marries with the chocolate ganache. When you take something I dislike and make me appreciate and enjoy the complexities of flavor, to steal a phrase from Tony Bourdain... "You're doing God's work." Pix is an absolute gem and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  18. Had a pint at County Cork tonight. It was Widmere which is a little dryer...drier...ok it was more dry than the stuff at Biddy's and the stuff at McMennamin's was a lot sweeter. Both were good. I'll check out Lucky Lab next. County Cork was cool. A lot like Biddy's. Friendly bar staff! I miss Pat and Shandeen (?spelling is not my strong point after a pint) and friday nights at Biddy's. It's still a great place but not the same without them. It's kind of the feeling of home to me, kicking back with a pint of pear cider and listening to Shandeen singing in the kitchen while fixing my supper on any given friday night. Great memories.... I remember walking in the friday after 9-11 like normal and having Pat and the bartender stop and stare like "Oh my God... a body came in the door!" I remember four of us going out front at 7:00 and lighting candles for the vigil. I'll still keep searching for more cider. I may just be chasing a memory but I am checking out some cool new places to hang. Thanks for the input guys!
  19. I keep looking at Great Wine Buys but I never go in. I really need to. I tend to cruise the wine aisle at Fred's too and oddly enough Albertson's as well. Tends to get me in a lot of trouble...I wind up witha full cart. It's one thing to be in a store where you have a bottle in your hand but when you have a cart...
  20. A snakebite is like a black n tan only it's half cider and half guiness.
  21. I love ice wines! Anybody know the best places to buy it in Portland?
  22. I use to love the pear cider that they used to have at Biddy McGraw's and I miss it since they quit carrying it. Anybody know of any place that serves pear cider in Portland? They make great snakebites!
  23. I asked my salesman at work that handles accounts on the coast and he said there are several mom and pop type places to eat in Manzanita but he said if he wants a really special evening with his wife he takes her down there to Blue Sky. He said entrees run around $20 and it's worth every nickel.
  24. Just Joe Brown's caramel corn...always a must, as a child and to this day. It's good that some thing's stick around!
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