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  1. I always get the Nostrana salad and always the fettucine if it's on the menu for the day. It's always very light so I never hesitate to order it with a pizza or main dish or worry that it will be too filling. The cannellini beans with albacore tuna and house giardiniera is always a must when we go too.
  2. We've pretty much gone to edible gifts with my family. This year I have batches of jam waiting and I'm working on some fruit liqeuers. Last year I did bagels. Bready things always go over well.
  3. I am so trying that next time. ← That's what I do. In a class the teacher taught us to put toothpicks half way up the cake in four places around it, pull the floss up to the toothpicks, cross the ends and pull. I go it without the toothpicks at home.
  4. Twiddling around half.com in baking books, I came across Baking Artisan Bread, 10 Expert Formulas for Baking Better Bread at Home by Ciril Hitz. Since he's such a great teacher, I would think it would be a great addition to the bread lovers library no matter how many bread books you may have. I'll have to check that one out.
  5. And by the way, I hear Mitch is competing again in the National Bread and Pastry Team Championship in Atlantic City Sept 21st & 22nd. Good luck, Mitch!
  6. US born pastry chefs do participate, but didn't happen to win the National competition this year. I keep hoping for Team Ruskell to win the national championship. Maybe next year.
  7. If anyone is interested, the winners of the championship this year. gold - usa silver- japan bronze - switzerland sugar - usa chocolate - japan desgustation - usa best buffet table - japan sportsmanship - mexico pastry chef of the year - Franz Ziegler Here's a link to an article Clay Gordon did on it that has a nice photo at the top. http://www.seriouseats.com/2008/09/pastry-geek-heaven.html My understanding is that they will be returning to Phoenix next year for the competition.
  8. Tried the lavash cracker recipe from Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice. They were decent, crispy, slightly sweet and salty but I'm thinking that I'd like a variety of crackers for a basket of them. Anybody got a decent cracker recipe of any kind?
  9. The used to have it at Barnes & Noble but I haven't seen PA&D or Chocolatier there for a couple months now.
  10. I should note that I didn't use the yeast listed in the ingredient list on the Bob's Red Mill recipe. Now that I've cut into it, I think it needs a little work. It's one of those that barely has enough batter to hold it together and I think it could use a bit more. Mom really likes the flavor of the whole wheat pastry flour used in it though. Got it wrapped in cheesecloth soaked in Zaya rum and tucked away in a cool place. We'll give it some time and check in on it.
  11. Made my first two fruitcakes yesterday. One was Kerry Beal's Phil's white fruit cake made with trader joe's dried strawberry/blueberry/cherry mix that I had been soaking in Matusalem platino rum for several months. I made them in muffin and mini muffin tins and I snacked on the mini ones all day. They were awesome fresh out of the oven with a little butter. Even better with a small glass of Disaronno. The other recipe was the Bob's red mill recipe my mom had lost from years ago that I dug up on the net. Only nibbled on a small corner since I did it as a loaf and it said to let it set in the fridge for a couple days before cutting. Planning on wrapping it in rum soaked cheesecloth for awhile. Very happy with my first fruitcakes. And here I thought I hated the stuff. Thanks for all the recipes and tips guys!
  12. I've used silicone as well. I butter them and put them in the fridge for awhile before I fill them. I think I got that tip here on one of the many pages. Mine turn out nice. Would probably be better with copper molds but the silicone pans were a more reasonable price for my little budget.
  13. Hmmm...somewhere I have a cookie recipe with coconut and wheat germ and I don't remember what else. Good cookies though. I'll have to go dig that up. Me, I just eat it just like a bowl of cereal with a little sugar and milk. edited to add link http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Grandma...at-Germ-Cookies There are tons of cookie recipes if you google. This one sounds faily close to mine only mine was all oil so I'm guessing they're trying to take the same recipe and bring it up to date by cutting the fat down a bit. Not a bad idea.
  14. Glad to have you with us Amelia. I've got that book too - it's a great old candy making book. So basically it's describing a buttercream as the same thing that the Kendrick book would call cream fondant. ← I believe Bruce Weinstein's Ultimate Candy book has a fondant type buttercream recipe too. I've always meant to play with it.
  15. I had a girlfriend that when she got divorced bought a gold band that she wore on her middle finger. We went out for an ice cream cake. Two girls, two spoons and no box. I would ask the client for more info. If I were the client, I would do whatever cake I wanted for me without worrying who else wants what. Mine would be brightly colored and probably all deep dark chocolate. The more chocolate the better when celebrating a breakup IMO.
  16. Some people are more sensitive than others to a lot of things. Don't want to get off on a tangent and get deleted but every person *is* different. Some people are uber tasters. Some have no taste at all. Same with smells, sound, touch. I hear electricity runs through walls. There are books on "highly sensitive people" and sensory defensives. The majority of things in the world that bother me, don't seem to bother most people. Baking powder is one of the most noticable to me that lead me to my comparisons I did that I wrote up for eG. It's one of the things that don't bother some people and I just don't get it because for me, it's impossible to ignore.
  17. I agree. The funny taste is there. The heavier stuff bought in large rolls from food supply places seem way stronger to me but I can taste it some times even with saran wrap.
  18. Just finished My Life in France by Julia Child and earlier in the week finished The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones.
  19. Mom had been lamenting the loss of her fruitcake recipe for several years. She always talked of the one she made when we were kids that had no candied fruit which she doesn't care for. Last night she told me that she stopped by Bob's Red Mill and they couldn't find a recipe for her. I was like "Hello? It was a Bob's Red Mill recipe? I could find it on the internet had you told me that!" Sho 'nuff. This should make her happy. I'll probably make it this weekend. Maybe one or two others I've seen here too. We'll see. https://www.bobsredmill.com/recipe/detail.php?rid=696
  20. duckduck

    Peanut Butter

    Jif creamy all the way. I buy the large two pack at Costco and go through them in no time at all. And I'm the only one in the house that will touch it. Tried the Simply Jif once and it was nasty. Had a funny bitter undertone to it. When I'm hungry in the middle of the night, I go for sunflower seed butter. It will kinda sooth a PB craving but doesn't make my stomach burn like PB does when I lay down to sleep.
  21. Popeye's for chicken and beans and rice. We even drive across town for it to satisfy the occassional craving. KFC for boneless honey BBQ wings. They're even good cold out of the fridge in the middle of the night.
  22. None of the Taco Bells in my area are open at breakfast time, nor have they ever been open at breakfast time. Were you in a test-market area, perhaps? ← Ours are open in Portland but they don't serve breakfast like they did a few years back. When road construction gave me a detour on the way to work for a few months, I found that a bean burrito with sour cream and a large mountain dew make a suitable breakfast for me. Toss in a caramel empanada and I know my day is starting out right.
  23. Mickey D's bacon egg cheese biscuit and a large coke. Standard order. Here in the Northwest, Burgerville cheeseburgers for a change of pace. Gotta love a place that serves up a burger at 7 am. My saturday morning treat on the way to work.
  24. I have the battery operated one. It does *not* work. It struggles if you put more than a 1/4 cup of flour in it. You can't just dump a cup or two and expect it to still run. It stops cold. Most useless whydidIbuythis piece of crapola in my kitchen. I'm having a hard time even giving it to the goodwill because I don't want someone to waste their money and time on it. Yes, it's that bad. I use a strainer.
  25. I've been told by a hairdresser that it works for coloring hair too when you're in a remote area that doesn't have a Hot Topic store or any place that carries magenta or blue hair color. I've never seen canned potatoes. Now I'm going to have to go to the store and look. And canned mushrooms and fresh are two totally different things. I'm not a 'shroom person but occasionally I like the canned on pizza.
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