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    Bacon Candy?

    Sounds like a good garnish, crumbled, for baked beans. Esp the version with the cayenne and dry mustard.
  2. According to the Philadelphia News today, at least 179 bills referencing obesity have been introduced in state legislatures this year. Total last year was 72.
  3. I never eat fast food anymore. I kind of miss it. It's not a health thing at all. It's just because I no longer have a car. I'm not willing to sit and eat in any of them, for the atmosphere reasons Tommy already covered, and there's nothing close enough to my house that I'd get it home before it was cold and thus utterly inedible. There's a BK close enough to my office that I could get there and back in time but there are also half a dozen food carts and at least three deli sandwich places on the way so it seems irresponsible or something to go. I miss Big Macs.
  4. milk or plain chocolate for preference? or is she like me and perpetually unable to decide between both? has she tried hob nobs? Plain chocolate Hob Nobs. The all-time perfect food. There was about three years between discovering them in England and finding a supplier back in the states and it was bleak indeed.
  5. In addition to a new most-users-at-a-time record this morning, 24 new users joined up today. Is that near a record? Seems high when the all-time total is about 4500.
  6. What % of customers would be sticklers for the falafel not falling apart? When it's going in a pita with fixins, I always smoosh it up anyway.
  7. If you want to get really really brave, I've just been informed that Cool Whip is now available in French Vanilla and Strawberry varieties. Where's Klink's thread when you need it?
  8. KNorthrup

    Bacon Candy?

    This recipe (scroll down a bit) includes the flour and nuts. Also instant coffee. I guess that's not so strange if you pretend it's a red eye thing. click me!
  9. Still haven't made it back. Keep thinking about it on the weekend but the memory doesn't quite seem worth the trip. Newsday has an article on this trend. They discuss Coldstone, Marble Slab, and Maggie Moo's. The last is one I don't recall anyone mentioning yet on these threads.
  10. KNorthrup

    Fantasy sandwich

    I read somewhere that some versions of Cuban sandwiches have strawberry jam. Like a Monte Cristo, I guess. One of my comfort foods is a sandwich my father regularly made. Whole grain bread, lightly toasted. Fried egg, yolk poked and released. Ketchup, generous amount. Sharp cheddar, mostly melted. It's the only time I have ketchup with eggs. Something about that exact combo is magical. It even works cold; I'd often get them in my lunchbox. Friends would squeal and grimace but when I got them to try a bite, that would be what they brought the next day.
  11. 11. (Not even funny.) I'm really surprised it's that high. Apparently Alaska gets a lot of mediocre chains. But since when does Arby's have burgers? I've never seen burgers there. Nor on their ads. I think mayo is a plus on a burger when the cheese is real. Tommy - I am expecting you to get the ref.
  12. KNorthrup

    White Castle

    Not according to the label. Technically it's "salad dressing." Not according to my mother, neither. She'll get religious about that one. Cute new pic, Heather.
  13. KNorthrup

    Fantasy sandwich

    Oooh, that's right. Smoked whitefish salad, toasted bagel, capers, red onion, tomato, sometimes cucumber. Oh I'm hungry.
  14. I like the Clockwork Orange theory better. Not-universally-known-trivia : The argot was just Russian. The one time my minor came in handy.
  15. KNorthrup

    Fantasy sandwich

    This (hot) time of year, dinner is frequently Ellen's version of a sloppy joe. Or is it Rachel? Sorry. Both blue/yellow/cheery. Pastrami, swiss, russian dressing, cole slaw. Mmmm. Hotwise, I like the scrambled egg with banana peppers and provolone hoagies.
  16. Well but eating it and eating it to an unhealthy extent are two different things. I know it's bad for me but that doesn't mean I wish to be fat etc. It does mean I eat the stuff less than once a month and never ever supersize. Certainly not everyone who eats at McDonald's is obese.
  17. I am at all times an utter slob, so I supress the guilt about the budget and buy disposable everything. Also don't need to worry about breakage that way. Pass out and face it all in the morning. And somehow it does seem that the bigger the hangover and the bigger the mess, the more fun must have been had. Coping mech, perhaps. The late lamented apartment had wood floors. The condo has (pale!) carpet so I haven't had the nerve to entertain since moving. Parents bought a cheap Dirt Devil as a housewarming -- works but nothing to particularly recommend. Best keep-you-moving music for the cleaning for me is The Smiths. He's supposed to be depressed but it makes me happy and dancy regardless. When helping out at my parents' huge annual Christmas party, toss things as they accumulate because my stepfather is the neat freak I am not and everything has to be spotless before we can go to bed. A few years back, my mother arrived from out of state the morning after a bash and took pity and cleaned while I remained on futon in pain. Found empties in bathroom sink and atop bedroom dresser and I don't remember where all else. Still gives me grief but it was a saintly deed.
  18. 1. I ate at a chain restaurant for the first time in ages this weekend (Tony Roma's) and was quite surprised and rather disappointed that the portions were quite reasonable. I was all prepared to get too much food and instead cleaned my plate with little effort. Shared appetizer too. Didn't particularly enjoy any of it, and it didn't settle well, but the amount was reasonable. 2. I'm starting to run into a dilemma that I haven't really seen come up here yet. Certainly agree that eating a natural, high-quality version of something (like chocolate) is both more satisfying and healthier than the processed varieties. But what about all natural vs the reduced-fat, light, etc versions? Cheese, yogurt, peanut butter. I can have more calories and fat or I can have chemicals. What do you pick then?
  19. KNorthrup

    White Castle

    You know, that could be an interesting thread. I've been seeing the version in the grocery freezer section for several years but the instructions are incredibly high maintenance if you don't have a microwave. At least one restaurant in town is now doing bite-size burgers for appetizers and they're great. Fun.
  20. Okay I just want to say we had no vampire slayers. Although that assassination game came up a few times. D&D... um, hurm. No comment. There were In-N-Out Burgers in Portland when I moved here (10 years ago) but they all cleared out immediately afterwards and I never got to try one. The transplanted Californians I know are very very fond of them so I've always wondered what I missed.
  21. So what is zaru soba exactly? Besides very popular.
  22. KNorthrup

    Wine Must Change

    Milk, never ever sugar. Starting to wonder about bitter though. What would be some good examples? Every time I try to think of some on my own, worry about confusing with sour.
  23. KNorthrup

    Summer beer

    I had some Bass shandy this weekend. Comes in a blue can. That's pretty summer-appropriate. What's a good summer brew if you don't like hops? Slowly and with great difficulty developing a taste for beer. For practical reasons -- can't always find cider, even now. Newcastle Brown is the most bearable thing I've found but it's a bit heavy for this weather.
  24. I've always loved beets. May help that they've never exactly gotten overused in restaurants. But I've never thought they tasted like dirt. Raw potatoes -- now those taste like dirt. Bleck. Don't eat them with herbs so can't help there.
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