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    Some movie theatres here offer brewers yeast in shakers for popcorn. And it's tasty. Also a secret ingredient in home fries. But I can't imagine it in a smoothie.
  2. That was in the weekend paper too, yes. Unfortunately, it will be in BFE suburbia for some reason but nevertheless worth the trip. Staub is wonderful stuff.
  3. That's it. I simply MUST have a cocktail a place with such an excellent name! They're in my neighborhood. Also a cigar bar, in case that's an issue. If it's not, they do a heck of a happy hour. Immediately next door to a bistro that is not bad and across the street from a McMenanmin's. Because really, what isn't?
  4. There's an entire separate supplemental book about the food in that series. I bought it for my stepfather one Christmas but am blanking on the name. Lobscouse and Spotted Dog?
  5. Never a potato chip eater so don't know whether this should get its own thread, but one item on the grocery wire this morning is that Frito-Lay is rolling out their own version of Pringles. Called Stax. It's been in the works for a while but there were legal issues to work out. Four unidentified flavours to start. Hitting stores in Sept.
  6. Yes. Which is across the street from my office. Miserable choice to have to make each payday. I like SLT very much. I buy from them frequently. My stepfather buys all my mother's birthday and Christmas presents there. And I know they're trained professionals but there are just all those cautionary tales about chains expanding too aggressively and getting into trouble. Although the only examples I can come up with off the top of my head right now are Mrs Fields and Boston Market and they're not the same sort of category but you know what I mean. Side rant -- Portland still doesn't have a Crate & Barrel. Which is annoying, since they are so much cheaper than SLT and WS and sometimes you need that.
  7. Absolutely. But it's really difficult to persuade a significant other that you're not "wasting" money on yet more cookbooks "because you never cook out of them anyway."
  8. late night eats per WWeek, including reviews It's hard to recommend something specific without more details. Certainly can't think of anything tiki though, except the Alibi and that's a karaoke dive, not somewhere to eat. Although they do put out a free hot buffet. Edit : replacement link Apparently it can't store search results. So this is to the general search screen. But if you look on the right hand side, there's a Late Night check box option.
  9. Sur la Table (Seattle-based kitchenware store) is opening seven new stores this year and plan on another fifteen next year. Focusing on locations near related retailers - Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, etc. Press release doesn't give specific new locations but probably your usual major metro and related high-end suburb suspects. Hopefully it works rather than drives them under, but it seems risky.
  10. Just finished Year of Wonders - A Novel of the Plague by Geraldine Brooks. Also Forever Summer, the latest Nigella Lawson, and the Fables - Legends in Exile trade paperback.
  11. As part of a cheese plate in an Italian restaurant a couple years ago, I got a ramekin of something rich and warm and slightly crumbly and it turned out to be baked buffalo mozzarella. It was very very good. The flavour was like a savory panna cotta and the texture was more towards cheesecake. No other ingredients. But I haven't yet figured out how to duplicate it.
  12. This is a nonprofit thing so I guess I'm not shilling even if I was affiliated, which I'm not. But it's a nifty set up and it means free books. bookcrossing.com
  13. Wasn't she famous for Cher type club music for a bit there too?
  14. I bet folks wouldn't be arguing with Sam so much if he still had that eye.
  15. I've seen a lot of recipes the combine pineapple and mint. Dislike mint myself so haven't tried them but can see the logic.
  16. Leaving any actual series, the largest theme in my collection is breakfast. Overall, I try to limit myself to themes/cuisines/techniques that I don't already have anything about. To spend less, in theory. Doesn't work very well for that but it makes for a wonderful variety.
  17. Interesting. Why would one use "Midwestern" when they could simply write "unmannered"? For the same reason Tommy told you folks to drop dead?
  18. I'm not sure I agree. Look at the French Laundry, Patricia Wells, etc. Clarification - by tourists, I just mean nonlocals, not any sort of stereotype. Some restaurants prefer to go League of Gentlemen but I can't believe Keller doesn't welcome folks from all over.
  19. I would think that any restaurant that releases a cookbook is setting themselves up for (if not outright inviting) tourists.
  20. Chino Farm, isn't it? They are written up frequently and Waters usually gets mentioned.
  21. Smashing orangey bits! Don't do it to a Hob Nob. They're perfect already.
  22. I have fabric bags, but if I'm stopping at the store on the way home from work, I don't have them. (My commute is by foot so I can't just keep the bags in the car.) Usually get plastic for the classic kitty litter reason. Some markets are paper only and those get used for accumulating junk mail etc for recycling. We used paper bags for book covers. Also to save money, Sunday comics for wrapping paper.
  23. See I loved the Oreos. They were all fudgy and gooey and came with cold milk. But I can't stand cotton candy so maybe it's an either/or. The DF Twinkie was disappointing.
  24. The crab rangoons that I've eaten have always had both crab and cream cheese. I've seen them in the freezer section at the supermarket and assumed they included crab (krab) as well, but maybe not.
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