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  1. Thanks all. I did use olive oil and a scant amount of Dijon. I will definitely use actual anchovies next time. It’s resting in the fridge for a bit right now. Not great but definitely good enough for a first attempt. 

    And you all are right about the garlic— I knew better. Oh well this is how you learn. 

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  2. Reviving this thread as I have romaine and want to grill it then dress it with a homemade dressing. 
    I have: 

    anchovy paste, Worcestershire, a hunk of good Parmesan, lemons, light extra virgin olive oil, regular olive oil, canola oil, garlic and fresh eggs. Any oil preferences? 

      I also want to use my stick blender. Do I just use egg yokes? Can I toss everything in and just blend it? I mean I’ve never even made mayo. 

    Thanks in advance. I’d like to get this going soon. I’ve cobbled together a bunch of recipes to get a sense but some call for roasting garlic which, while it may be good , will take too long. I’m looking to make a dressing the way some steakhouses do tableside. 

    Oh and I have Dijon as well. 

  3. @BKEats looks delicious. I could eat vegetarian but not vegan and be ok. My husband is constantly throwing meat on the Egg. I’ve started boycotting it. It’s good but I just can’t eat a ton of red meat. 

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  4. On 8/20/2020 at 8:13 PM, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    Can only plea, please try this with real anchovy.     Confession, I have always hated anchovy, actually wretch over anchovy on pizza or prominently lazing on a salad..   But there were recipes where the real, whole, thing is really not only appropriate but essential.

    is your preferred recipe the same but just with whole anchovies blended up? 

  5. I’m really into the Maruchan Gold ramen. The noodles are fantastic- very springy and have a good bite. The soy sauce flavor is meh, I tend to add a raw egg in after cooking for protein. 

      Not cheap but I’m fine with paying. Ugh now I want to make a pot! 


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  6. Thanks guys. Only about $8 a dozen (to me that’s a good deal). We did have 4 dead ones out of the two dozen but I did get them at the local grocery store. 

      I love clams. My dad introduced me to raw clams when we went down the shore when I was 5. My mom wasn’t happy but I love them! 

      When I first moved to Hoboken (I’ve since moved back to the ‘burbs) the day I moved in I was waiting for my roommate. I went to this hole in the wall, boardwalk floored dive called Biggie’s Clam Shop. I ordered a dozen fried bellies and couldn’t wait so I got a dozen raw clams and sat there, slurping them down, contented that I finally had a decent, non restaurant job, a large apartment and a job I enjoyed in Grammercy. 

     Those were some really sweet clams. 

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  7. @BeeZee I posted this else where the other night! 
    Lazy leftover dinner. Cooked fusilli al dente then ran cool water over it. Chopped up left over turkey London broil, mozzarella, baby cucumbers. I added leftover roasted cauliflower, black olives, cherry tomatoes and baby corn. Served it all cool, with the powdered “Good Seasons Italian” dressing mix to which I added a few dashes of honey and mustard until it was umami rich. 

      Good use of leftover and about 20 minutes to make. Will work well if my husband ever goes back to work in an office full time, since I can eat it whenever I’m hungry and it won’t suffer from drying out if he works late.  

    Tonight was two dozen grilled clams, grilled green beans, grilled teriyaki marinated shrimp skewers all on the BGE.  No leftovers. I’m happy and full! 



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  8.  Turkey London Broil from https://greenvillagepacking.com


    on the BGE with pecan. Grilled up two pieces of the Peter Luger’s commercial bacon— it really isn’t even close to what’s served at the steakhouse, but it was a tasty appetizer. Air fried baby new potatoes and grilled green beans rounded out the meal. 

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  9. @BKEats I have that same bacon in my fridge. 

       Is it similar to the actual bacon served at Lugers? I was going to grill it in the BGE but maybe it’s not as thick as the bacon while dining at Lugers. 

  10. Yes I am going to have our home estimated for a generator. It will likely cost more than a new, fully loaded Jetta and I never purchase cars. 

      I have to make green goddess. I’d also like to make a true Caesar salad but with grilled romaine. I miss the days of tableside Caesar salads. 

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  11. No restaurant here, they’re close due to COVID. I am in a suite with a refrigerator, microwave, oven and electric stove. I am really bad with electric stoves. I foresee burning something simple like soup in the near future. 

      Supposedly we should get power back by next Tuesday. A week. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  12. 36 minutes ago, heidih said:


    Polenta - you cook, cool, slice and grill or?

     Um... I bought it. I know it was the lazy way but since it comes refrigerated and in a tube it grills up nicely. Otherwise I would have cooked it, rolled it in Saran Wrap once it was cooled and refrigerated it for a day. 

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