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  1. 2 hours ago, Porthos said:

    Just dropping to post that the protein for Christmas dinner was roast leg of lamb. After the meal my son-in-law commented that he doesn't actually care for lamb. He thought the lamb was ok. The big shock was that we've served him lamb a few times over the last several years and he's never told us he doesn't care for it. In our family we like knowing food preferences (which he knows) so his never having mentioned it before was a surprise. 


    My Sweetie made chunky apple sauce using a recipe where you bake the apples.  It was very good. Everything else was dishes that we all like, including a sesame green bean dish we've done for ren faire for several years but never fixed at home before. 

    That’s rough. But at least you asked so you should NOT feel poorly as you asked him. My inlaws know I don’t like turkey. I’m fine with it in a sandwich or only on Thanksgiving but I don’t like it, and didn’t grow up with it. We do steak when my inlaws are here or when they aren’t. My father is allergic to poultry. 

    But yes, in normal years I have to eat Turkey for at least a few meals regardless of the holiday.  I usually drop a few lbs during those holidays. 

    Edit: I recognize this sounds extreme rude. But I won’t apologize for disliking turkey. It’s boring to me and not part of my childhood experience. 

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  2. Yes, on Christmas Eve, it is traditional for Italians to do the feast of seven fishes. It’s pretty freaking awesome. Calamari, smelts, shrimp, octopus, flounder, seafood salad, clams and mussels and more. I miss it. Half the time we are with my inlaws for xmas so I haven’t been able to participate in a while. Freshly made pasta... the Italian side of my family can cook well and prepare huge feasts for holiday. 

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  3. It’s just my husband and I. So I think I may order stone crabs from local 130 in NJ for xmas eve. 

      I really am apathetic about this holiday. I miss my parents and inlaws. I already gave my husband a big gift— the new Apple 6 series Hermes watch. He has afib and the newer model takes your blood oxygen levels and does an EGK. 

    I won’t go to a grocery store so I’ll have to rely on Insta cart. Maybe we will do fondue. 

    next year I really either need to use my Instant Pot and Anova or get rid of them. 

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  4. On 12/17/2020 at 5:37 PM, Kim Shook said:

    Hot dog with melty American cheese, extra dark pretzel splits with honey mustard, and tiny sweet pickles:


    Now I really want a hot dog. 

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  5. The McRib is back. I had my first bite of one, ever. The bite I had didn’t have pickles or onions and it wasn’t bad for fast food. I just don’t like McDonalds’s BBQ sauce. My husband ordered it (and had the rest) and felt the onions were a bit much. I thought they’d be chopped and they were larger slices. 


    I can cross that off my bucket list 🥴

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  6. I’m in awe of all the work you guys are doing! 

      I never really ate turkey much growing up— we had it but my dad is allergic to all forms of poultry so I’d either eat Prime Rib or later split lobsters with him. Eventually we took to going out for thanksgiving. 

    My parents are too scared of COVID and rightfully so (my husband goes to PT twice a week) so we are alone this Thanksgiving. St. Louis style ribs will be smoked on the BGE. Sides tbd. I will make a charcuterie platter for watching football while the ribs smoke. 

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  7. @liamsaunt what a bummer. I had the opposite experience today— my Instacart delivery had everything I asked for with two proper substitutions.  I scheduled it for the first delivery time possible and made sure to communicate with my shopper but I was still shocked I got what I wanted. I’ve found it varies depending on the grocery store. I ordered mine from a smallish higher end store, Kings. 

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  8. On 11/15/2020 at 8:12 PM, dtremit said:


    Are those the "Roasted Baby Potatoes" with a red label on the bag? They sound really good. I suspect I have walked by them a million times thinking they were just wedge fries, the packaging is really similar.

    (Happy healthy thoughts to the doggo!)


    Thanks! Yup those are the potatoes. Worth a try! 

  9. 5 hours ago, BeeZee said:

    thanks @Tropicalseniorand @gfweb, next time I’ll incorporate your tips. I think my sauce was too thick for this application, and last time I made lasagne I think I had used more vegetables in the layers, which likely added needed moisture, also. On the plus side, easy to cut neat squares that held together.


    I mix 15 oz of ricotta with two eggs and make sure to spread it all over the noodles with great success. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, heidih said:


    Poor pup. Such a distressing sound. 

    Thought so on Cal but you are on other coast so didn't want to assume. Sis got her MBA there. Any excuse to visit her and sample the great food and enjoy the vistas. I say 'SC meaning University of Southern Cal and right coasters think South Carolina...

      Yup my husband is a California guy born and raised. I met him on his second day in Jersey and well... 


    Tonight we will still enjoy our anniversary dinner. I bought a lot of chaructiere that I am eating alone now, watching the game (it’s better than my NY Giants). I have some great aged Gouda— I love the salty, crunchy pockets and some salami and some great crusty bread. 

    the potatoes I bought from Wegmans. They are frozen and precooked and seasoned and get crispy outside and super melty in the middle. Highly recommend 

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  11. 3 hours ago, heidih said:

    Sounds like a truly celebratory feast. I do drool at the images of live king crab in tanks at our Chinese restaurants - only had from frozen. Love roasted green beans (good off a grill as well).  Best wishes for whatever your pup's issue is. Cal?


    Miss Maisey has a hacking cough. It’s upsetting; she had emergency stomach surgery from over eating leaves in the past (to the tune of 12k) but we watch her like hawks so who knows? She loves baby cucumbers, shelled edamame, zucchini, baby corn and sugar snap peas. 


    Cal is U of Cal Berkeley, where my husband was in the marching band and graduated with a chem degree. 

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  12. King crab legs, snow crab claws with roasted French green beans and melting baby potatoes. Omg I am stuffed. Early wedding anniversary dinner (our anniversary is on Monday but I never know how long of a day my husband may have and Miss Maisey has xrays at the vet that day). 

    I also bought a bunch of charcuterie which went untouched so that will be lunch during football tomorrow (Cal’s first game is at noon EST). 

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